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    We get requests from vendors from time to time to give them a section of the forum to help their customers and post coupons, new products, giveaways, etc.. We had one before, but it didn't get a lot of activity. Now that the forum is busier than it used to be, we figured we'd give it another shot. The vendor forums won't update the new/unread posts feeds unless you subscribe to the section specifically, so it should cut down on issues with spam and/or excessive self-promotion showing up in your feeds.

    You can see this section at the bottom of the forum and GearBest is the first vendor to request a section for themselves. They've said they'll help customers and post about giveaways and coupons in this section, so if you're going to be buying something from GearBest, please be sure to check that section in the future to see if there are any deals.

    If you're a vendor and you want your own section, please reach out to us via our "contact us" link at the bottom of every page.

  2. Nick Madincea

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    Hey Everyone!

    As you may have heard, there is a Houston-based startup called Drone Parks Worldwide. It is our goal to build a stadium scale facility for everyone to come fly drones inside of!

    We want to give everyone FREE STICKERS!!! Just go to our website (google us and you'll find us), scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, enter your info, and we'll send you stickers!

    Understandably, theres been concern about this being a scam, so feel free to go to our Instagram (DroneParksWorldwide) and see other people's stickers pics!

    Nick Madincea

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