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    At Parhelion Aerospace we design and sell a growing list of professional-grade drone flight logbooks. These books are derived from the over 30 years of professional aviation experience of their designer.

    For those of you who are pilots we have published the UAV Pilot Logbook (2nd Edition), in which you can record flight time for rotary, fixed-wing and lighter-than-air (LTA) UAV operations, so that even if you fly a variety of aircraft types you will be able to log all of your data in the same drone flight logbook. For owners/operators who possess drones that will be flown by several pilots (over time) we have published the UAV Aircraft Logbook, in which you can record the details of an individual drone's flight time and maintenance. Such a record enhances your operational safety by keeping track of use and technical status, consequently directly affecting cost items such as insurance.

    Our books are hardcover, unlike most other available printed drone logs, and will therefore stand up to years of use both at home and in the field. Also unlike others, the size of our logbooks is convenient for carrying when you are out on a job or otherwise engaged in flying. You are therefore able to conveniently log your flight data on the spot. Printed logbooks such as ours are the professional aviation standard, due to the difficulty of dishonestly changing an entry once it is written. They are also much less expensive than most electronic logbooks.

    If you are interested you can buy through the Parhelion Aerospace website, or directly from Amazon under the titles "UAV Pilot Logbook 2nd Edition" or "UAV Aircraft Logbook."

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