The difference between Xiaomi 4K drone and 1080P

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    As we know, Xiaomi drone 1080P released on 25th May 2016, and 3rd March 2017 Xiaomi finally announced its 4K version drone. So what’s the difference between Xiaomi Drone 4K version and 1080P version?

    First of all, let's see comparison chart.


    For appearance to distinguish them is the golden LOGO and aureate ventilation holes.The 1080P version of Mi Drone uses a color palette of white and orange.The 4K version of Mi Drone has a color palette of white and gold.

    1080P version

    4K version

    Quick release props and motors from 4K drone.


    CPU from 4K, below is 1080P. And the 4K CPU looks much more thick and solid.


    The Xiaomi drone 4k version is one of options that I would recommend to just about anyone. You can buy xiaomi 4K drone on

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