Syma X8 upgrades to brushless motors.

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    I've been looking at the YouTube videos demonstrating various conversions of Syma X8C, G, and/or W quads to brushless motors. Some appear to be pretty successful, a couple marginal, where the pilot has difficulty maintaining altitude control being the common side effect. But none mention how long they are able to keep them airborne compared to with the original or replacement brushed motors, which had a maximum flight time of about 10 minutes. I'm curious, as that is a modification that I would be tempted to try myself, but not if there is no significant increase in performance to justify the cost of parts and labor to do the conversion. Can they run on the original 7.4 lipo batteries, or do they also have to be upgraded to 11v batteries? Presuming the control range to remain the same with the original controller and flight control board, , is there an improvement in manuerability, control, speed, a payload increase?
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    Well. I don't see any replies to your post so I will give you my experience with what I did. I did the brushless upgrade from the kit you can buy from the Syma store. It doesn't work as advertised for me. You are supposed to have 3 speeds that are selected by toggling the cam/video switch. Didn't work for me with the camera installed or not installed. Still have only 2 speeds that are selected by the regular speed select button. And, they are not near as powerful as the brushed motors. I have no problem lifting an action cam with my brushed motors in any speed but with the brushless motors it won't stay hovering and won't, or at best, struggle to gain altitude. Also with no camera on it and just flying it around, it'll only fly for 9 min. Then the lights start flashing fast for about 2 sec and then your X8 falls out of the sky. So, I tried to use an 11.1V battery. It won't even turn on. Must have some sort of voltage regulating diode in it that prevents 11v to work. I have another kit coming from another company that I am going to try. And also, I have some spare Bugs 2 motors that I am going to see if I can use in place of the Syma kit motors to see if that will work.
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    I'll be watching for your results.

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