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    Hi and Welcome to QUADCOTER FORUM Here is a list of RC terms that will help you Know what is being spoken about
    AC Alternating current
    DC Direct current
    ESC Electronic Speed Control
    BEC battery eliminator circuit
    FCB Flight Control Board
    PDB Power Distribution Board
    MODULE This is used in a radio for the protocol you want it on
    FPV First Person View
    OSD On Screen Display
    GPS Global positioning satellites
    RECEIVER This is the unit that receiver the commands from the transmitter
    TRANSMITTER Multi channel proportional radio transmitter
    These motors have no brushes to were out so last long are 90% efficient must have ESC to work as they are 3 phase AC
    CORELESS These motors have a winding around the shaft and spin inside the magnetic outer case
    normally used on smaller quads or toy helicopters
    OUTRUNNER On this motor the outer case spins and drives the prop fitted to it
    INRUNNER On this motor the shaft spins and the prop is mounted on the shaft
    LIPO Lithium polymer battery
    ARF Almost ready to fly needs some parts to fly
    TX = Transmitter
    RX = Receiver
    ACC Accelerometer
    AH Altitude hold
    AIL Ailerons
    AL Auto Levelling
    ALT Altitude
    APM Ardu Pilot Mega
    ARTF Almost Ready to Fly
    AUW All up weight
    BARO Barometric Altimeter
    BEC Battery Eliminator Circuit
    BNF Bind and Fly
    COG or CG Centre of Gravity
    DD Direct Drive
    DOF Degree of Freedom
    DSM / DSM2 / DSMX These are proprietary technology of an RC equipment maker, Spectrum, and DSM stands for “Digital Spectrum Modulation”.

    Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    ELEV Elevator AKA pitch
    EMI Electromagnetic Interference similar to RFI
    FC Flight Controller
    FOV Field of View
    GCS Ground Control Station
    Gimbal Camera mount that is controllable
    GPS Global Positioning System
    GYRO Gyroscope
    HEXA Hexacopter-six motors
    HK Hobbyking
    LIPO Lithium Polymer Battery
    LOS Line of Sight
    MAG Magnetometer, electric compass
    OCTO Octocopter – 8 motors
    OSD On Screen Display
    PCB Printed Circuit Board
    PID Proportional Integral Derivative
    PPM SUM (CPPM) Pulse Position Modulation
    PWM Pulse Width Modulation
    QUAD Quadcopter
    RC Radio Control
    RCG RCGroups
    RF Radio Frequency
    RPM Revolutions Per Minute
    RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication
    RTF Ready to Fly
    RTH Return to Home
    RTL Return To Launch same as RTH
    RUD Rudder AKA Yaw
    RX Radio Receiver
    SF Slow fly, props
    SimonK A famous ESC firmware optimized for multirotors
    SMA and RP-SMA Sub-Miniature Version A – Reverse Polarity SMA
    Throttle The power given to all motors to generate more lift or power.
    TRI Tricopter
    UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
    UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    UBEC Universal Battery Elimination Circuit
    VRX Video Receiver
    V-tail A type of multicopter that has 4 motors, 2 tail motors form a V shape, has no servo
    VTX Video Transmitter
    X8 A type of multicopter that has 8 motors and of a shape of X, 4 motors on top, 4 motors at bottom, no servo
    XT60 A type of connector
    Y4 A type of multicopter that has 4 motors, 2 tail motors one on top of ther other, it looks like a tricopter but has no servo
    Y6 A type of multicopter that has 6 motors and of a shape of Y, 3 motors on top, 3 motors at bottom, no servo
    CAA Civil Aviation Authority

    If you can think of any more message me and I will add them
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    Tx = Transmitter
    Rx = Receiver
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    Done my friend
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    George can copy paste its to long so look at list see what one need to be added put in message and I will add them
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    Will do. I'll exclude some that I have not seen used with RC.
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    GPS is Global Positioning Satellite - GPS system would be an appropriate way to say it.
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    When you crash really hard: FUBAR:eek:
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    FFS - utterance when one flies into a tree
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    CAA: Civil Aviation Authority
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    Oh my god thank you!
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    Just got an email from Arris regarding some spec comparisons and it said that one has a PBD board while the other did not, can I get a translation on that please? thats one of the first I've come across that wasn't on this list.

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    Power distribution board, takes power from the battery and gets it to all of your ESCs. Some better ones have a BEC that take the input from the battery and step it down to lower voltage for the smaller electronics. Generally a BEC. The frame is ideal because it fits the frame a lot better than a generic one
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