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Discussion in 'Tiny Whoops & Other Micro Quads' started by mikeht, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. mikeht

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    I'm new to the drone world. I just picked up an Eochine E013. The manual is not very clear/complete. The manual shows a "Left Rotation fine tuning" button and a "Right spin fine tuning" button on the left side of the controller. On the right side of the controller, the manual shows keys labeled "Pre-fine", "Fine tuning key", "Right trim key", and "Left fine key".

    The instructions don't clearly describe the functions of these buttons, or how to use them. Can anyone help, or point me to help for a better description for, and usage example for these keys? Thanks in advance.
  2. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    These are the switches to do exactly what they say, to "fine tune" your quad. They will be to adjust the forward/reverse, left/right and spin left/right drift of your quadcopter. If you go to Youtube, I'm sure they're tons of videos of the E013 showing which ones do what.
  3. mikeht

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    Thanks, I got that info. I have another question. My E013 suddenly can't go above 3 or 4 inches in altitude, and exhibits erratic flight. It's difficult to hover and swings back and forth in almost random directions. I think one or more motors fried. I've been looking for someplace to get replacement motors outside of Banggood (they are so slow in deliver). Can you suggest a place? I've tried Ebay (they are $12/pair there), Grayson Hobbies (no reply), and Amazon (they list for $57.00 !!! there). Also, could you suggest a non-original motor that, perhaps, is higher quality. These gave out after 2 weeks.
  4. wafflejock

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    I'd suspect the battery before the motors typically you will only fry the *motors* after like 6 hrs of run time or around 100 flights I think

    $4 a pair on banggood

    Can also try on GetFPV (Oscar Liang's site says they are 6mm brushed motors) There are different height ones and different shaft sizes on the micro motors too though so make sure if you get something it has matching dimensions, off by 1mm at 10mm scale is 10% error and usually these things are made to press fit motors into frame and press fit props onto motor shafts. . Only other thing aside from dimensions to look out for is the connector type on the motor but if you're comfortable with some basic soldering can always swap those out with a bit of time.
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  5. mikeht

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    Thanks. I checked it with several batteries, I'm pretty sure it's the motors.
  6. wafflejock

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    Gotcha yah just more likely to run the batteries too low especially on the micro guys and end up killing those quicker than motors from what I've experienced. Behavior you're describing sounds like it isn't getting enough power to the motors but if that's the fault of the brushed ESC or motors or battery (or maybe even bad control signals from FC), so it's hard to say really, just swapping parts to troubleshoot is probably your best bet (doesn't hurt to have an extra set of motors either you'll need them eventually).

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