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Discussion in 'Tiny Whoops & Other Micro Quads' started by chuck85ap, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. chuck85ap

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    Hi, Im new to the tiny whoop and drones in general. But I am borrowing a inductrix tiny whoop with a dx8 transmitter from someone and have been having troubles keeping it synced. I went to our local shop today and purchased some batteries and that didn't help. Took my whoop back to the shop and they put in their battery and used their transmitter and it flew just fine. The way I was charging the batteries wasn't the best they said. They charged my battery and also flew just fine. So I bought the multi charger that they used and mine still is doing the same thing. It will connect and then I fly it for about 10-15 seconds and then it looses connection. Can anyone help??
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  2. Superman2112ms

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    Mine loses bind after a crash. So I feel your pain. I have so many issues I'm ready to give up.
  3. Jackson

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    That was with your dx8 transmitter?

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