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Discussion in 'First Build' started by Umbra, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    Hi guys... I'll just keep this short and simple. it is 2 am here and I just gave up trying to find out details so now I'm going to leave the following in you guys, the professionals' hands to tell a newb like me whats what.

    I'm wanting to build a 1 axis gimbal fpv, gps quadcopter what weighs about... 400 grams (If I calculate the weight from all the parts, it would weight 395 grams on total with everything installed, including the battery).

    Here are some details.

    Props: 6030

    Pdb: rrosd f3 evo v1 with osd.

    Frame: 260

    ESC: Racerstar tatoo 8amp esc

    Motors: 1806 at 2280kv

    FC: f3 evo cleanflight (spracing f3 clone)

    Battery: 3300mah 2s 25c

    That's about it all the important stuff
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  2. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    Is there something wrong with my question? Or isnthe forum just dead?
  3. Mike

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    Sorry - this got flagged because of the links. It's live now. Should get some replies soon.
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    Oh, I see. How can I avoid getting flagged in the future? I dont want to break any rules.
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    You should be good. It's just because it was within your first few posts and had multiple links. You didn't break any rules. The SPAM filter just flagged it for moderation since it had a few links in it. You should be good to go now since it was approved.
  7. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    Which frame and what propellers size are you planning to use ?
  8. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    I changed my items a bit. I will get the turnegy Q 7x instead and the XSR- D16 micro receiver. Bit more range and a good tx.

    I will also get the SPRacing F3 clone from bangood and 1806 2280kv motors instead, alongside a 4in1 12 amp esc and a 5 volt regulator (For the fc) to save even more weight. I know the 4in1 can be a risk, but Its so cheap, I think it is worth the goal for my build if I can exclude the pdb and 4 (and in total, heavier) esc's.

    Ah, thats a relief, hey thanks :)
  9. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

  10. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    The build list look ok but i would get a 20A 4in1 ESC to be on the safe side. The Racerstar 20A 4in1 is currently cheaper than the 12A.

    If you plan to do fpv, might as well get an F4 flight controller like a OMNIBUS with an integrated OSD for around the same price.
  11. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    So that would be safe? Does it have active braking? Because I really dont want that since I want to save every bit of energy i can.

    The 1806 2280kvmotors seemed to pull 7 amps maximum in their banggood page. If I got a 20 amp esc, would that not make the esc a bit less efficient, since I read so,ewhere that if you load an amp closer to its 85 percent load it is most efficient, and that it can waste energy if it is not using closer to its maximum amperage?

    I will take your advice though and consider my options between those two very carefully :)

    One last question, since we are now talking about 4in1 escs... They, in a way, act as the pdb, right? And if I connect a 5 volt regulator to them and use the output of the regulator to power the fc, I would be alright?

    Sorry about my poor english... :/
  12. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    I think you can turn active braking off. I don't know about the ESC efficiency.

    You need to connect the ESC's to a PDB to get power from the battery, so buy a PDB like a Matek with a built in BEC with a 5v output for the FC and an extra 12v output for any FPV transmitter you intend to add later.

    The Racerstar 12A or 20A 4in1 do not have a BEC built in so are not meant to be used to power the FC.
  13. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    Yeah, thats just the thing. I know that normal escs need a pdb, but you plug the lipo directly into the 4in1 esc. It has 4 wires for the motors, a ground wire and a positive wire that you plug directly into your FC. Or solder, if you so choose. Correct me if im wrong, but thats how I see it, since the battery is meant to be connected difprectly to the 4in1.

    Also, here is another edit. I decided to, instead of using the 6040 props, I will use the 6030 props. Sure, they have less thrust, but at a 45 pecrcent load, they can still lift my drone (In theory anyways) and have a higher efficiency. Id sacrifice power for a minute or two more. Its not a racer anyways, so... heh.

    ....yet another edit.... i give up with the 4in1 escs, they are too complicated, so im just gonna get a pdb (rrosd evo v1) and some racerstar escs.... the lightest ones I can find, I guess... Eh, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Kinda just curious, but since the motors have a maximum of 7 amps drawn on the chart for a 2s with a 6040 prop, I wonder if I can get away with 4 racerstar tattoo escs rated at 8 amps and 6030 props. Also.... in the end, those escs are.... stupidly light, so my build will actually lose some more weight... in theory, im at 378 grams with the battery, gps, camera and all the rest included... I have added a gram or five to compensate.

    Huh... I feel dizzy...

    Another edit... I just wanted to say, thank you for all the help. I just realized, that apart from the questions you answer for me, you are actually also indirectly helping me realize random little tidbits that i never realized 0_0 awesome thanks!
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  14. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    Those 6 thin wires are only signal wires. The thin positive wire coming out of the 4in1 ESC does nothing because there is no power output.

    Yes 6030 props will be more efficient.
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  15. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    Flight time and efficiency seems to be a big important priority for this build. Is there any reason why you havn't considered a bigger quad like a F330 or F450 size ? or have you chose a 260mm for portability reasons ?
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  16. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    In all honesty, I love the small size, the portability. It is much lighter too, I dont want a heavy, large quad to haul around, and its frame is ,uch more expensive :/ I looked at making a larger quad, ButmI havent found a frame I like on banggood, hobbyking or gearbest. The ones I did like are 130 dollars which is.... just....,painful.
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