First build progress. (consider the thread closed :) )

Discussion in 'First Build' started by Umbra, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    So, I got the first batch of parts I need to build my first... well... build...

    I weighed in my components I have now (some lighter than the specs online, some a tad heavier.) and the weight of my drone is so far expected to be around 516 grams (With the 2s 4200mah battery included) when finished building it.

    it is a 250mm frame and i, just building it for the fun, to roam around with slowly so I dont mind if its a tad of a flying brick with that battery... however, I am still curious, what is the average weight of a 250 mm quad? mine is equipped with a gps and servo for the camera I should add, but I am planning on making it lighter later, as much lighter as I can since the legs are... sssttuuppiidddllyyy thick for my purpose (4mm...)

    I dont have all the parts to start building and soldering it, but I did assemble the frame partially to get a feel for it and some measurements (weight is one...)

    Any tips on how to make it as light as possible?

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  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Seems like a weird battery choice. At least get a 3S, I guess you could push it to about 2200mAh for roaming around slowly.
  3. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    a 2s battery is lighter than a 3s of the same capacity. I dont care about actual power, only flight time :)

    Also, 2s battery allows me to pull a lower amperage at more efficiency at the cost of power... although the cost in power is quite high.. I should have a total lift of arpund 280 grams per motor with the 6 inch props im using.
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    And what are these mystery motors?
  5. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    DXW D1806 2280kv (or 2300, cant remember)

    they are just about the same as Racerstar 1806 2280kv motors.

    Did I do something wrong? Reading your post kinda sounded accusing, lol. might just be me though.
  6. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

  7. Badfish

    Badfish JA.O.A.T.

    This is just sounds like a bit of a mismatched configuration. The motors will run on the battery, and the props are right for the frame, but all together it's going to struggle I think.
    I'm learning the hard/expensive way, and have been experimenting with a lot of different frame/motor/prop/battery combos. I was looking to use 1806's on the 180mm frame that I now figure will not accept the 12x2mm mounting pattern without modding. Or I will just splurge on the 2205 2600 motors that are right for the 4" props. is a great place to see how other people have used the components you are thinking of using.
    Hope it helps.
  8. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    err... I did say that I wasnt going after power and speed, right? lol, all those builds in the link you sent me are racers and im not building a racer :p Im building an exploring drone to slowly buzz around at 50 percent throttle. (will hover at 47 ish I think...) and I will make it even lighter to lower the throttle a bit more.

    I appreciate the concern though! But smaller props are less efficient. smaller props with more blades might have a heck of a lot more power but it will also ramp up ,y amperage and cost efficiency and fliht time (im aiming for hopefully 13 minutes under the 80 percent rule using a lipo calculator)
  9. Badfish

    Badfish JA.O.A.T.

    I guess this is why people stop trying to help. Let me know where your throttle is when you're done.
  10. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    what exactly do you mean? People here have helped me a lot, but in all honesty you just sound plain rude now. if I am wrong tell me I am wrong and explain to me why I am wrong in detail. Dont be vague :/ in tryimg my bestnto be friendly, it would be nice if others were the same.
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  11. Badfish

    Badfish JA.O.A.T.

    Don't stick your tongue out at me, and then tell me I'm rude.
    Mostly think I'm done here!
  12. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    Perhaps thats for the best. Just remember, you started it with your last comment and I just pointed that out. since you are so interestedmin bodyparts, no, I did not stick my tongue out at you, I just stared at the screen and that pink face was a happy F**king, playful gesture to show F**king respect! do you not know emoticons??? Incase you are going to use this comment against me... You brouht it onto yourself :/ I had a hard day, but being jumped like that over an emoticon meant to be a gesture of respect and friendliness? Yeah, that make me freaking snap!
  13. Badfish

    Badfish JA.O.A.T.

    I don't recognize color, or emoticons. I most certainly don't recognize colored emoticons.
  14. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    ... you dont? ah.. My appolagies then. I should probably use them less to avoid situations like this and I will remember in the future then... I guess its something to do with my device showing them differently for me than to others...
  15. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    To the next commenting person... well, I guess you dont need to comment anymore. consider this thread closed, lol.
  16. Badfish

    Badfish JA.O.A.T.

    What say you, since we now know?
  17. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    ecalc shows your setup will get roughly 5-6minutes........that is, if your lipo doesn't explode....
  18. Umbra

    Umbra Active Member

    Ah well, if it explodes, I will just have learned the hard way. too late to turn back now though.

    what settings did you choose though? and how can I improve? According to what I read, all my things are rated for what Im using them for, so im a bit confused.
    doubt my battery will explode since the setup will only pull like... 30 ish amps and its a 25c battery (abput 46 amps rated...Cant quite remember)

    ... but then Again, I could totally be stepping on a nailboard here and missing some signs...
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  19. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    Build it then post a video of your flight time so others can learn what works and what doesn't.

    The 4mm thick arms will be more durable in a crash. 4mm/5mm is pretty standard nowadays. Modifying them wont save much weight if that's what your thinking of doing.
  20. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't use 1806 on anything bigger than a 180, I started flying on them.
    There will be a draw on the battery & motors will heat up because like someone said "tell me where they throttle ends up"
    To the OP we have all been through this, yes it can be frustrating,we will help if we can if we can't then do some homework.
    Follow manafacturers steps. Double check. If not send it back. I've had arguments over regulations & stupid drone & Manned pilots in my area but not tp ppl who try to help. If taking some stick gets me the help I need then so be it. If I get some stick & no help so be it. So you closed the thread is the hobby done with aswell. Calm down do some research then come back to it. I'm still forgetting stuff then learning it all over again.

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