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    Even though I don't consider myself a newbie at this point, I am posting this in the Newbie Forum because it is really a newbie question. Here goes:

    Firmware. Exactly what IS the firmware on my P4? I have no idea what it is.

    Upgrade. All I hear about is upgrading my firmware. Setting aside the rather obvious double meaning here (especially for a man my age), is there a way to tell if it is necessary for me to upgrade my firmware and, if so, how do I do that? I just got my P4. I would assume no upgrade is necessary, but want to make sure.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. mozquito1

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    More or less anything you buy these days needs upgrading when you buy it. As more than likely you one you acquired has Sat on a shelf & in the meantime better firmware has been introduced.
    If it came with a manual I would suggest reading it all. Search specific names on YouTube ie P4 update firmware. Find out what flight control board is in it.
    That will give you a clue.
    I just googled it.
    Plug a USB to PC.
    Launch dji assistant.
    Log in, then click pro 4.
    Pick from the list of updates.
    Click start upgrade.
    When it's done restart the drone.
    Calibrate the imu with the go app on a mobile device.
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  3. ArmyVet

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    May I suggest:

    Its the place to be with a Phantom. Just reading the volumes of info will be educational.

    Good luck
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  4. mozquito1

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    Makes sense if it's a specific Quadcopter you got. I'll try to help, if you can make any sense of it. I stick around for the noob questions on self build for acro. If I don't know I will find out as it may help me.
    I got frustrated @ first, it can be alot to take in & £pay£ out. But stick with it.
    Them price Quadcopters, if you crash it it's ££££££££££££££££ first bird & flight,
    Safety is paramount so find out all you can.
    Good luck
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  5. pdmike

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    So .... I Googled Firmware. It's software that is imbedded in a piece of hardware.
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  6. Gyro Doctor

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    Firmware is different from software in that it's more permanent and is stored in the ROM not the RAM.
    (read only memory vs random access memory) .... Helpful ? o_O .... LMAO ... Didn't think so ... :p

    A better (and less technical) way to think of it is that firmware is like it's operating system, in the guts of the thing.
    HARDWARE is the parts that makes the thing and FIRMWARE is the programming that makes the parts work.
    SOFTWARE (apps, programs, etc) applies to the specific function the thing performs which computers need, but in your
    context of use (since each item with firmware used in quads performs singular functions) it is simply how the thing will work
    without changing any parts. ;)

    Updating the firmware is important to learn because later updates not only correct problems (bugs) within previous
    versions, but also often add new features of use too. :)
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