Difference between Syma X5C and X5C-1 upgrade

Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by mcc1961, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. mcc1961

    mcc1961 New Member

    I am thinking about getting one of the Syma X5C series quadcopters.What is the difference between a X5C and the X5C-1 upgraded ?Also are there clones of the copters and also where can I get the best deal on one?
  2. NCFRC

    NCFRC North Country Fun RC Well Known Member

    First , the Syma X5 is a great beginner / learning toy quad. It's very controllable and your mom could fly it.

    The C means it comes with a camera. I chose to not get the camera as I knew I'd be crashing it during the learning curve.

    The dash 1 upgrade is a circuit board upgrade where the quad has better cornering when flown out doors.

    Probably worth considering getting the X5C-1 as their still on sale for $55 shipped at GearBest.
  3. emjays

    emjays Member

    I got one X5C-1 for xmas and love it , it flies very well and crashed alot with
    no damage at all , great videos from camera
  4. NCFRC

    NCFRC North Country Fun RC Well Known Member

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  5. NCFRC

    NCFRC North Country Fun RC Well Known Member

    Where do you find parts for the black / red version ?

    I don't NEED any yet but wanted to keep a couple things on hand.

    I didn't think they were limited production when we bought the black ones but
    the supplier on Amazon says their no longer available.
  6. NCFRC

    NCFRC North Country Fun RC Well Known Member

    X5C-1 on the left , minor electrical and physical upgrades.
    Either one is a great beginner quad. Leave the guards on :)
    These red props were colored with a chisel Sharpie.

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  7. NCFRC

    NCFRC North Country Fun RC Well Known Member

    I started to remove the top canopy of the -1 and soon found that it's now all one piece.
    I wanted to poke the antenna thru like you can see just above the Syma writing on the black one.

    So , since the center canopy can't be removed and I didn't feel like taking the whole thing apart ,
    I'll leave it the way it is for now. It's probably slightly stronger with the one piece top.

    Note : The battery socket can be removed from stock position with a small screwdriver and a little patience
    with out taking the top off. Remove the battery door just to get it out of the way. I changed mine over to a
    std. JST female connector so I can use the Dromida 700 battery.
    Use an E Flight EFLA243 which has HD 20 gauge silicone flexible wire.
    No , I hadn't changed the connector yet in the picture and the JST connection
    does fit under the stock battery door.
  8. Tar18

    Tar18 Member

    When you painted the props did that throw them off balance or did you see any difference in the way it flies? I am getting one and figured would do something like this so that I could see which was front from a distance. From what I have seen and read they are a great beginners quad.
    Tar :)
  9. NCFRC

    NCFRC North Country Fun RC Well Known Member

    I actually used 1/4" chisel Sharpe markers. In the perfect world you should check all props for balance but these seem close enough.
    You won't be dissapointed with the X5C-1 . It's so much better that when our son was home from college I sent him back with the -1
    as he noticed a huge difference. The Dromida batteries help but it's great even stock.

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