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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Tom Sehr, Mar 12, 2018.

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    How do you charge/balance charge/ a Bugs 3 battery on a IMAX B6 mini charger. I don't think the charger came with the connector. I can connect the white plug(sorry I am a noob with the terminology) to the 2s on the side of charger, but not sure what to do with other plug. When I just try to charge the battery with the white plug only it shows an error and will not charge. The manual is way too much for my noob Thanks....Tom
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    Hi Tom all the bug 3 batteries I can see use an XT60 connector ( yellow plug ) if you can't solder you can buy a banana connector to XT60 connector you have to connect this to the charger as well as the balance lead (white plug)
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    Tom watch this video it will help you understand the charger they are the same in operation no matter there brand ( but your has a programme for internal resistance test , this is used to test for a bad cell in the battery)

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    Well spotted Jackson :)

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