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Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by devils27, May 10, 2018.

  1. devils27

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    Hey guys, new to forum and quads. I recently got a Syma X5HW-i and was happy with it till i found the Visuo XS809HW. I now have both but have a dilemma. One want to keep one and the Syma is definitely funner to fly (faster, agile, etc) but has a crap FPV 0.2MP camera. So i got the Visuo which has a slightly better camera FPV 2.0MP and looks cooler, plus it folds but is like flying a rock through the sky.

    So after looking more there are tons and tons of quads under $75ish that have a decent camera for the price. I am wondering if anyone has any first hand experience in helping me pick another model that is both fun to fly and fast but also has a decent 2.0MP FPV camera

  2. BL Swagger

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  3. Dugdog47

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    Spend 25 more $$ and get the best quad on the block!!

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  4. KentA

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    I agree that you should consider the Hubsan H122D X4 STORM. I'd link you to my videos but there are better ones on YouTube including this
  5. BL Swagger

    BL Swagger Well-Known Member

    It seems like a good budget set up to get some into flying quickly. I would keep it for myself, but I already have 3 quads with a 4th being built soon. I am intrigued by the design mainly. Looks like it has all components lying flat along the baseplate to allow the battery to fit in the frame; rather than on top, or on bottom.
  6. devils27

    devils27 New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys n girls. You guys are the only people to reply and in 1 day, no one else even looked at same post on other boards. Guess I found out why forum board to join. I'll look into those husban's.

    I just flew both the syma x5hw and the VISUO back to back and was going to end up keeping visuo due to better cam and possibility of upgrades and mods. I just hate how "bulky" it feels flying it compared to the Syma. Its like driving a sports car then jumping in a minivan. If those husbans look good I'll return both and get that if you guys say it's got why I'm looking for. As for that diy racer, I built my own 3d printer so I know I can build it, just don't have the time or energy to do so lol
  7. 2Hover

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    Hey devils27, another option is buy an upgrade camera for the X5C.
    Syma 5MP + your X5C quad fits your budget.

  8. natnatroswell22

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