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    I am new to drone flying... just got one for Christmas!... one of the things I have learned is that it takes almost 2 hrs to charge and has a 7 min flight time. I saw some videos on getting extra batteries. Smart idea I am sure, but when I went to amazon I found the type battery which is required but what I can't tell is will it fit in my battery compartment and are the hook ups the same. My beginner copter is a Protocol Dromium 3... I can't find distinguishing marks on hook ups for the battery..

    I know this sounds like a total newb question to people in the world... but can someone point me in the right direction? Don't even know what I am looking for besides what's printed on the battery.. and the manufacturer site doesn't respond so no help there.....

    I am not sure the quality of my copter as it was a gift from my teenage sons but seems to be a decent BEGINNER start... hopefully I will move in to better ones in the future!
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    Jst... got it... is that a standard or are there many different types?
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    No there are load of different types , but its all to do with amps , XT60 is 60 amps ,XT90 is 90 amps, deans can go up to 60 amps EC5 i use thats up to 120 amps , EC4 is up to 60 amps HXT can go up to 120 amps , then you get into the 4mm 5mm upto 8mm connectors , AS120 is an antispark I use these on a HV 44.4 volt systems XT 90 do an antispark too any way these are the most common but there are others out there
    the JST is a low amp connector they use these on LED light strips for multirotor as most PDB have the pins for the JST on the board

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