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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mmeyne, Jan 6, 2017.

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    So I'm very new to this. I have a gas rc tmaxx 2.5 monster truck and I got offered a vortex 285mm drone for it. The person who wants to trade me the drone said it is in very new condition. He has all the boxes and everything and insured everything works. However he doesn't have a controller and receiver so there is no way to tell 100% if it flies. He also said he would throw in $100 with the trade. I will post pics of everything he is going to trade me. I'm just scared that something may not work porperly. I valued my rc car as $275 even though I payed 400 new it only has been used 6 times and I don't have a spark plug to test it either. Thanks for reading my long story, looking forward to hearing some feedback to help guide me to a decision. I'm meeting with the guy tomorrow morning to talk and possibly make the trade. Thanks again!!

    Edit: I can't upload my pictures but anyways it has the nice clean looking vortex 285mm race drone. It has included: a multi star racer 1400 mah battery, rx-lcd5802 ($80 monitor), two bags of spare parts I think comes with originally, extra lower rear frame guard, extra camera bumper guard, extra stinger video antenna and receiver mount. He has original boxes with everything also.
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    Does it come with motors and escs?

    I wish you could upload images. Those are nice quads btw
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    RenderedContent-CD5A9CC0-741B-4E64-BDD3-48E14C3FDCAE.JPG RenderedContent-4FA6E109-11D7-45B9-8877-5996C7DEF0D6.JPG RenderedContent-BA99C134-A32E-4611-90B3-DA171494CB78.JPG RenderedContent-0A04B5C3-BE8D-4FA0-9A7D-B6943A05F7BE.JPG
    I just had to shrink file size. How does it look? Thanks for replying to my post! Very appreciated!

    Not too sure about escs. Does it normally come with this model quad? Thanks!
  4. ringolong

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    I would say it is a good trade if it comes with a flight controller, and escs. These can be bought for 328.00 online new.

    You should purchase a cheap toy quad to learn how to fly before putting this one in the air if you have not flown a racing quad before.
  5. mmeyne

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    Thanks for the advice. Do you know if this model normally comes with escs and a flight controller?

    Edit: I found out it comes with an integrated flight controller actually.
  6. mmeyne

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    RenderedContent-F035F2B2-E2FB-4E0D-AE75-34686E5930DB.JPG RenderedContent-427631BF-31D3-4FFB-B856-650AAF41ED87.JPG RenderedContent-EF18D7C3-54C6-4504-9C56-12D6A28343A2.JPG RenderedContent-22DE9CC3-2D61-4997-83C9-6D62E9FDC117.JPG RenderedContent-B8DBF9BC-CB26-4C0E-B255-B0FF5DF0EBEE.JPG
    So to update I took the deal. We did the trade for. My used tmaxx originally $390 new right now. For this drone. I posted some pics that show some extras I didn't post before (also didn't know he had). He replaced the 600tvl camera for a 700tvl camera. And there is also this lens I showed a picture of. Looks like all I need now is a transmitter/receiver combo. Also probably sell the screen and get some goggles. Any suggestions on trans/receiver on a budget?

    Edit: I'm thinking about buying this budget transmitter/receiver. I heard it's good for begginners any feedback on this? Thanks a lot everyone!

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  8. mmeyne

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    RenderedContent-D1A74472-1C04-4C61-A2AC-75514848BD68.JPG Thanks! I'm looking at this transmitter now to hopefully extend my budget do you think this one will be a little better?
  9. Jackson

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    I've got the Turnigy branded i6 and have been quite pleased it.

    You may want to consider this one.

    Not everyone is in luv with Taranis.

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  10. mmeyne

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    Wow thanks so much Jackson! I'm definitely going to get the evolution now. Looks very beginner friendly also!:D
  11. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    That was a new budget Taranis. Not the one that is 230.00 ;)

    I am happy that he was convinced not to get the flysky :cool:
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    RenderedContent-22ADE7BC-A3CC-4A4E-A32D-8AD6D343403E.JPG RenderedContent-3126F5B2-7AE9-4645-BE0E-C51D1FD1A091.JPG RenderedContent-337EBBDE-EBED-4768-911E-48574E908D49.JPG I just got the evolution in the mail. How do I connect it to my vortex? I'm a huge noob and need help. Thanks. I'll attach some pictures.
  13. mmeyne

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    Ugh I'm nervous I made a bad investment. I just don't have the proper knowledge about these things and have no idea what mods the previous owner has made. I think this drone is set up for ppm usage and I am not sure how this works exactly.

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