450 quad ocillations!!

Discussion in 'Build & Tune' started by David.Robinson, May 1, 2016.

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    Hi guys and girls!

    I'm fresh to quadcopters and the forum so hi to you all :)

    I've currently build myself a f450 copy

    Before any crashes it flew okay with 10inch props, I managed to get through a few props and a few hard landings snapping a few props in half quite near the hub! After that crash I moved down to the only spare props I had which were 8 inch... flew with them okay it seemed, the odd ocillation but nothing crazy "put it down to the wind"

    I then purchased some 10 inch props again... mounted them up and now I have quite substantial ocillations! The thing shakes from side to side while hovering, no settings on the kk board have changed throughout!

    I attempted to balance them... still the same effect! I didn't even balance the original 10 inch props.. I remount the 8 inch props and the ocillation effect is almost gone but I have a feeling it's maybe less noticeable due to the smaller props!

    Anyway I've taken off all the props... increased the speed of the motors up and down and the quadcopter frame itself ocillateds around half stick! The frame itself is wobbling at constant motor speeds!

    I'm thinking at mid stick the possibly damaged motors/shafts are causing the frame ocillations??

    Should the frame be shaking like that with no load on the motors at half stick?!

    My line of thought is if the shafts are bent slightly this is causing vibrations causing the frame to shake when spooling up... whack the props on and this is causing the shakey flight characteristics?

    Any help appreciated
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    Check for a bent shaft, and make sure your balancing rig is good.

    Try to isolate the problem with one motor at a time.

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