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    Stunt Bike Mega Edit

    Such a great day chasing 1.3G Stunts rider Ben Williams around the beautiful Davidstow Airfield in Cornwall, UK. We couldn't of asked for better weather and also filmed on the longest day of the year to get that golden footage :) Huge thank you to Ben Williams for his amazing bike skills -...
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    Team Breakout FPV Power Cooling Towers

    Awesome weekend spent racing with Team Breakout FPV followed by the last flights at this amazing abandoned power station cooling towers. Thank you to BrimzFPV, HPIGuy and Boof!FPV for an incredible weekend with great company and banter. Setup: ImpulseRC Reverb Gemfan Windancer 5042 durable...
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    Speedway Chase Cam Action

    Myself and SliderFPV from Droneislife.co.uk got the awesome opportunity to chase the amazing Plymouth Devils Speedway team around their track on a practice day. The mud and dust was a challenge for the quads in the air, after landing you could see wear on the props where they had been pelted...
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    Crossfire Adventure: Sunny Tor

    Hi All, First long range test with the new Gemfan Hulkie 5055 props, the quad was tuned for Gemfan Windancer props but it still loved these new Hulkie's just as much. The pure speed and grip of these props is amazing and suggest anyone who has not tried them yet to give them a go. This flight...
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    Snowy Mountain Adventure

    After a full weekend of fun I was down to my last backup quad, old faithful Immersion RC 250 Pro with 6" arms. Here is a fun flight up and down the mountain, on stock settings and not being flown in a while the old bird handled well but a little sloppy on the controls. This flight was just for...
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    Es Foguero Palace Freestyle

    With only 6 lipo's available the challenge was on to explore this amazing location without destroying my one and only quad. For my quad I choose a full Gemfan power train using Maverick 24a DShot600 ESCs, Gemfan GT2205 2450Kv motors with Gemfan Windancer 5042 props, this combo I could be sure of...