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    The best lipo battery?

    The best lipo battery is a hot topic. Due to the rising cost of production materials, we spend more on batteries. The budget battery brand seems more worthy of our consideration. On this topic, I delved into some of the brands that are commonly found in the market. Then I wrote this article...
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    RC Battery super sale
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    fpv battery 4s or 6s?

    In my opinion, the power of 4s and 6s are similar, but the discharge platform of 6s is higher and the high-power discharge is stable. As a novice, can I directly choose the 6s battery? Ovonic 6s 1300mah batteries are inexpensive and of good quality, so I am still considering whether to use 6s.
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    How to choose FPV battery brand?

    TATTU batteries are good, but a bit expensive. I tried the Ovonic 120C 22.2V 6S 1200mAh battery. The voltage is very stable and the power is sufficient. It looks good overall, and the most important thing is that the price is cheap. Do you have any good brand recommendations?
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    Lipo batteries Question

    The danger of lipo battery being fully charged and not being charged is not far from Generally, the dangers occur during the charging process. Just storing it without discharging it will actually damage the battery
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    OUCH crash photos

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    Black Friday deals and coupons

    If you want to get lipos, as I know, Ampow also has a Black Friday deal. And yesterday I read their buying guide:
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    Hi all

    Hello all. Happy to join here. I've recently watched some videos on FPV and its something me and my older kids would love to try. We've lots of areas near us to fly and have seen some people out with quads at times too. Regards James