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    How the Martian Air Force starts?

    With only 1% atmosphere, I doubt that it would get off the ground.
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    Tarot 650 Sport Crash - I Determine the Cause

    Back in 2018, my Tarot 650 Sport crashed after many successful flights. Recently, I came across some old video and watched the crash video and spotted the cause:
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    Flying My Mavic In the Cold

    Here are a couple of pics I took later when the sun came out
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    Flying My Mavic In the Cold

    I believe you are correct. I was flying slow so the characteristics didn’tnoticeably change. I kept my flights short and changed with fresh batteries that were in a warm place.
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    Flying My Mavic In the Cold

    It is 14 degree F. here in Loveland Colorado and we got about three inches of fresh snow last night. I wanted to take some aerial pics of the snow, but was concerned about the cold drastically shortening my battery charge. Then I hit upon an idea of using some foam weather strip material and...
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    Misc. Things For Sale

    Guys, I never realized that anyone cared! I will stay on, and offer anything I can, but I think I will forego building anything, at least for now...
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    Misc. Things For Sale

    I still have a Mavic Pro that I bought used over a year ago and I enjoy taking some aerial pics and video with it..
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    Misc. Things For Sale

    I crashed my Tarot due to pilot error while attempting an automated takeoff. I repaired it at considerable expense - new airframe, new 3 axis gimbal, etc. I ordered a new set of Tarot propellers but it was going to take awhile to arrive from China, and so I was able to install a set using...
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    Misc. Things For Sale

    After the crash of my Tarot 650 Ironman, I decided to exit the hobby. I have some miscellaneous items sitting around in my workshop: Spectrum DX8 transmitter Tenergy Lipo charger with a Radio Shack power supply Propeller Balancer Tarot 17" foldable carbon fiber props - 2 CW and 2CCW - new...
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    Well did you fly today post videos here

    Morning flight behind my home. This is my most recent flight with my Tarot 650 Iron Man. I've had problems with significant jello effect due to vibration. I did my best to balance the 17" Tarot props but have not tried to balance the motors as I can't figure out how to safely remove the little...
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    Parts for first DIY Quadcopter

    Are you not planing to stabilize the camera using a gimbal?
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    JJRC quadcopter problems

    I'm late in this discussion, but would like to throw in my two cents worth. Do you have the means to observe what the F.C. thinks the battery voltage is? If so, can you adjust it? My Tarot quad uses an APM f.c. and I was getting low voltage warnings from Mission Planner during a flight...
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    Close Call

    A new development. In trying to resolve the voltage failsafe matter mentioned in my last post, I attempted to run a test in my basement - flip the propellers so when I throttle the motors up, the props will push the aircraft downward; this way, I can run a power test safely in my basement. After...
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    Close Call

    Thanks! I brought out my laptop to the field for the second flight and when I reviewed the telemetry, I saw a voltage failsafe was triggered shortly after takeoff. I had almost fully charged the 4S lipo and so I was surprised at this. I checked the voltage record on the data flash log and saw...
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    Close Call

    I decided to re-calibrate the compass and radio. Then I checked the value of the radio throttle failsafe setting - satisfied that it is below the minimum throttle value, I cleared the logs and took it out to a field for a test flight. The flight went well - in Loiter, it held position and RTL...
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    Close Call

    Wow, I somehow managed to avert disaster, though I don't know how. I decided to take out my modified Elev-8 out for a flight around the golf course, flying autonomously using waypoints I uploaded to the APM controller. I had previously uploaded a new version of firmware, then checked parameters...
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    Tarot 650 Iron Man Waypoint Mission

    I had stored my Tarot away for the winter, but Saturday was a nice day so I decided to take it out and do a short way point mission in order to review all the steps I need to to in order to prepare it for flight. I had wrapped the motors and camera/gimbal in plastic to protect from dust - after...
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    Frozen Golf Course Ponds

    There is still snow on the ground from the snow storm last November and the ponds on the golf course remain frozen despite the warmer daytime temps. The ponds freeze over at night when the temps drop. This is a short video of a flyover of the ponds: Click here.
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    Return Of Elk To the Mariana Butte Golf Course

    Thank you! There are indeed a LOT of elk here and they can be a nuisance! They block the street as they cross from one green to the next, they come into our yards and much on bushes and trees and poop all over the place! They are pretty much used to people as well. Many times, I've gone out my...