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    Drone Racing League launches flight simulator competition on NBC - VentureBeat

    Its amazing that they generate so much revenue to award a 2 million dollar!
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    Help! Racestar Brushless BR2205 Motor issues

    Good news, 3 phase motors need specific timing or they won't work right. I figured the motors were still good based off your description...good job!
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    Help! Racestar Brushless BR2205 Motor issues

    Its probably not the motors but the way their being told to operate probably PWM or something like that, I watched a video on you tube about programming them externally. But couldn't figure out how to link it here. Hope this helps.
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    What size screw for 3 inch prop?

    Cool, thank you very much!
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    First Quad Build - Weird Issue, please help!

    My apologies if I missed it but do you have the battery connected and are the power LEDs on, on the FC? Reason I ask is because you can make the motors spin all day long if plugged into USB but if your flight controller isn't powered than nothing will happen. Also how many beeps do you hear when...
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    Eachine Wizard x220

    Do you know make/model of the receiver? That would be a good place to start unless its integrated into the flight controller you might be able to update the firmware of the receiver. I'd research firmware for that quad if I were you.
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    What size screw for 3 inch prop?

    Trying to mount my props to my emax 1408's and found that I have none the correct length. I think they're 2mm but not entirely sure what thread size to order. The depth for the prop seems consistent for the 3 different styles of props I have too. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Is the Rs2205 good motor for Martin 2 frame?

    brand new builder here... looking for a good motor for my Martian 2 frame. Everything that I read suggests an rs2205. I will be flying conservatively and not as concerned about speeds for now but don't want to get bored too fast. I'd love suggestions on motors for 20a esc and 4s battery. I Can't...
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    Hi from Monrovia, In

    Hello all, new to the forum and wanted to say howdy. I'm new to building quads and currently buying parts for a 3 inch and a 5 inch. Have decent soldering and building skills...really looking forward to it.. Thanks for having me.