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  1. ArmyVet

    Phantom 3 Stnd vs Mini Mavic

    Standard is my vote. Only caveat. Try to buy local and get a test flight if possible. WAY TOO MAY RIP OFFS OUT THERE. Sorry
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    From the FAA

    For Immediate Release May 5, 2020 Contact: WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced the eight companies that will assist the Federal government in establishing requirements for future suppliers of Remote...
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    Thank Him for his Service! I salute him. And later this month. March 29 National Vietnam War Veterans Day is a US holiday observed annually on March 29. It recognizes veterans who served in the US military during the Vietnam War.
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    That would not be the dumbest or most dangerous thing I ever did. Still Kicking:cool:
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    No Guts. No Glory;)
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    Drone Detection

    And then some. Just an FYI.
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    Now this is a quad!

    This is actually a people carrying quad:cool: Pilot on board.
  8. ArmyVet

    Now this is a quad!

    Where do I make a deposit:p
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    Drone max height

    What AC do you have? A DJI?? Curious if DJI has implemented a HARD Ceiling on newer quads? My old Phantom 3 has a maximum altitude setting. I can change it to 401 feet or 501 :p As to your question. Not sure. In Central South Carolina the tallest hills are highway overpasses hahaha. I am sure...
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    Aerial View Of My Neighborhood After Colorado Snow Storm

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Nice Views! Blistering 68 F here :cool:
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    Can you fly a drone in central park?

    Good Luck and Congratulations!
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    DJI Mavic Mini $399

    Today's Deal. I know nothing about this. Just...
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    Can you fly a drone in central park?

    Most anything is illegal in NYC. :eek: It is illegal to congregate in public with two or more people while each wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity. Adultery is still a crime. A fine of $25 can be levied for flirting. Owning a ferret illegal. It is illegal...
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    "DashWare" Add guages to your videos. Anyone tried this???

    OOps my first search did not come back with any results??? I see some postings now. READING!
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    "DashWare" Add guages to your videos. Anyone tried this???

    Looks very interesting.
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    Beautiful Bavaria during golden autumn

    Nicely done! And of course Mad Ludwig's Castle was the Center Piece. Thanks for sharing.
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    I lost a prop before i took off!

    Better to be lucky than good......................sometimes ;)
  18. ArmyVet

    wingsland s6

    I have run across several quads that require you to unplug the battery to turn the AC off. But this one is the most expensive one I have seen :rolleyes:
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    U.P.S. Air

    Or over my house :oops:
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    U.P.S. Air

    Like the design........ Stealth Fighter :cool: