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  1. Spork

    One Quad Wonder || FPV Freestyle

    When he flies back down the river, you can see him standing by his car. I think he mentioned a while back that this is his long range rig.
  2. Spork

    One Quad Wonder || FPV Freestyle

    As usual, nice video, James.
  3. Spork

    Hi I'm Jay

    Welcome! You sound like you will fit right in.
  4. Spork

    Well did you fly today post videos here

    No flying today. I’ve been in Prague for a few days and came across this shop. :)
  5. Spork

    Meteor 5" build

    Nice @Dugdog47 - looking forward to see how it comes together.
  6. Spork

    Little Quad Lost

  7. Spork

    New Movies For Your Collection

    Sold. That looks awesome! "D-D-D-Don't touch it!"
  8. Spork

    New Movies For Your Collection

  9. Spork

    Just amazing

    I think the personal relationship with non-big box outfits is more aligned with service-oriented business - for me anyway. Unless I'm planning to buy in the store (almost never), I'm not one to go to the local shops to play touchy-feely with products and pepper the sales guy with questions...
  10. Spork

    DroneShield is keeping hostile UAVs away from NASCAR events - TechCrunch

    And 3D printers so we can print paperweights to hold down all the 2D printer pages
  11. Spork

    DroneShield is keeping hostile UAVs away from NASCAR events - TechCrunch

    A guy I work with uses one of those RPN HP calculator apps on his $3K Mac - but I think he gets more out of it than just the calculator :D It does amuse me that he is using 2018 technology to time travel back to 1990. I started laughing the first time he used it in an online meeting. At first...
  12. Spork

    Bad motor? Can you identify the problem? (Photo)

    Sometimes when I google unfamiliar phrases, I have regret. This is one of those times. :D
  13. Spork

    Voltage problem

    :eek: Ouch. It's my new pet h8. My last three pairs. First week. Wet, Mud, Paint. :mad:
  14. Spork

    DroneShield is keeping hostile UAVs away from NASCAR events - TechCrunch

    Yep. Every time I come across rules that seem odd, the first thing I think is "I wonder what kind of stupid party trick someone played to get this rule put in place".
  15. Spork

    Harbor Freight FPV Kit

    Nice idea. Looks good, too. What did you use to cut the foam with?
  16. Spork

    5" vs 6" Quads

    Thanks, Dr. Absurd. Definitely helps the understanding.
  17. Spork

    Cerberus V3 by Flynoceros

    Yes please. Count me in too!
  18. Spork

    Taming The Texas Wind

    Depends on the day. I'm also in North Texas and suffer from our wind. My brushed whoop class and brushed toy (HS181) both do poorly in the wind so they are indoor flyers. My Mavic Air does great in the wind, partially GPS/partially brushless motors. I would guess that any brushless quad would...
  19. Spork

    New Guy from Alabama

    Welcome to the forums!
  20. Spork

    Anyone Heard of DroneUp?

    Yes. Check out this video by Tony Northrup. I watched the video twice, did a few free practice tests and easily passed the 107 exam.