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  1. wafflejock

    fixing hole centers

    Just heads up in the US at least "per mill" means one thousandth CNC people usually mean it as in .001" or one thousandth an inch. But yah in any case half a mm is super tiny think they are all actually 30.5x30.5 for hole spacing but simpler to label them 30x30
  2. wafflejock

    What is trim?

    Hiya Vortix, So I know you were doing the DIY arduino based flight controller, but even off the shelf flight controllers suffer from accelerometer drift, there are some ways I saw and think I shared about how to try and account for that over time, but like Renov8r is saying without some other...
  3. wafflejock

    Supports? No thanks.

    It is nice to avoid them when you can when I model my own little mechanical parts I try to make it all easy on the printer too no sharp 90 degree turns and ideally printable without supports and minimizing on material use to speed things up. Some really nice prints you made here too
  4. wafflejock

    Drone max height

    Pretty sure it will go based on your take off position being "0ft" and then use barometric pressure sensor and or GPS to track the relative altitude changes from there. So my money is on it maintains altitude after going over the cliff... I would still test this theory on a relatively small cliff.
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    5g/802.11ac I am Confused

    I'd be willing to bet they mean 5GHz wifi not 5G cellular. 5GHz wifi might not be an option on an older phone but anything in the last few years is likely to have it, in general the higher frequency gets less distance but also less noise. Due to high density of 2.4GHz there is a lot of...
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    How do I bind my drones

    Yah with open tx on a qx7 at least there's a lot of picking through menus and long pressing things lots of voodoo, the T16 same open tx but with color lcd seems a little easier to navigate. My spektrum dx6i was like you say hold some button or toggle switch while turning on and it binds and the...
  7. wafflejock

    How do I bind my drones

    To be fair finding the correct protocol to choose for a receiver when doing binding isn't totally clear, but should be specified in the receiver manual/documentation if you can find that usually I use the good ol guess and check method and just use betaflight for diagnostic along the way (see if...
  8. wafflejock

    Why did this happen?

    Anything blocking the z axis from going up like snagged wires or otherwise might cause issues just offering my best guesses based on likely causes.
  9. wafflejock

    Why did this happen?

    Check out your z axis with things powered off try to spin the motors that move the lead screw or belt for the zaxis to move and see if it moves correctly, could be the grub screw holding a lead screw to the motor coupling came loose and just needs tightening.
  10. wafflejock

    To Retract or not to Retract........

    Oh yah no retraction at all is bad (generally), some materials you want to reduce the retraction to avoid clogs from hot filament sticking to the PTFE or PEEK tube in the hot end, but in general with regular filaments (PLA, ABS, PETG) retraction is generally good. Only downside aside from...
  11. wafflejock

    Long time build still not working

    No worries regarding reading the signals can use the receiver tab to see the inputs if the range is wrong in betaflight (not going from 1000 on stick low to 2000 on stick high) then can use rxrange to get/set the range just search rxrange to find some tutorials on it. Can also run ESC...
  12. wafflejock

    MjK return to home question

    Yah most GPS I've seen gets within a few meters of accuracy unless you have a really good lock/signal from a lot of satellites it won't be extremely accurate just get in the ballpark. For precise altitude hold believe most quads rely on some sort of locally available info like using ultrasound...
  13. wafflejock

    Help with csj s167 parts

    I don't have an answer to that but suggest checking out uavfutures YouTube channel for how to build a brushless quad for under $100 (usually bit of a lie cause need charger and soldering iron and couple other starter tools but worth having and learning to use for repairs). Geared quadcopters...
  14. wafflejock

    how to find the minimum battery capacity C required for the drone to reach the landing point?

    Ultimately the best way to know is to test and in testing you should fly straight away the same distance straight back to nullify effects of wind (averages out if wind is behind you one way and face on the other way). The particular throttle control and efficiency of a flight will depend on how...
  15. wafflejock

    how to find the minimum battery capacity C required for the drone to reach the landing point? site is your friend here, can use it for free or pay for unlocking other products they have specs for or put in your own for running the calculations. As LoneRC said there are many factors even knowing the prop size and pitch the motors and ESCs and the battery capacity in mAh and the...
  16. wafflejock


    Not sure since I don't have one of those but in general I would just start with the lowest resolution and incrementally bump it up until you see an issue, regarding the formats it saves in there will be more or less work to encoding a video stream depending on the hardware (some GPUs can do some...
  17. wafflejock

    Long time build still not working

    Yeah just need to go step by step and see what's going on, flips can be a result of motors spinning the wrong way or loose/backwards props or FC orientation being wrong... lots of things really. To check the signals between the receiver and FC or FC and ESCs you could use a oscilloscope, PWM...
  18. wafflejock

    Controller FPV Connections

    For the camera video signal line that typically goes into the FC then a video out from FC to the VTX. This way the FC can add on-screen display (OSD) that overlays battery voltage and other useful info, you can customize what is shown on the osd in betaflight configurator once your FC is...
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    Yah really a repeater this close to whatever it is repeating the signal to probably won't help much each repeater adds latency and basically chops the bandwidth in half since they listen for signal half the time and transmit the other half the time, you really want a repeater half way between...
  20. wafflejock

    A 3D print that is useful

    Have one of these too definitely nicer than putting all these in a box or drawer and then not being able to find anything. I printed parts for making that shelf for my machines recently too, probably print some more of those parts to make some little side tables and stand(s) for my esk8 stuff...