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  1. Spork

    Horse-drawn wagons, butt whoopins, and cigars

    Earlier today, in another corner of the internet, I was reminded of the following and thought I'd share it here. At family gatherings, my wife's grandfather used to love telling me stories over a cigar on the back porch. Same stories, every time, but I'm always as polite as can be to my elders...
  2. Spork

    WiFi Speed Over 9000

    So this weekend, I was watching @pdmike Water Tower Video (thread link) and mistakenly thought his video was in 540p instead of 1080p. Turns out it was just youtube doing it's job of auto-selecting an appropriate resolution based on bandwidth (I think). In preparation for my new job, I have...
  3. Spork

    Spork's Journey

    UPDATE 3/22/18 I changed the title of this from Spork's First Build to Spork's Journey because I'll not likely get around to a build for a month or two. The thread has sort of morphed from a build to my new plan of playing with a BNF micro (65mm), learning FPV, and modifying my HS toy quad for...
  4. Spork

    Dinner and a Drone?

    This one had me laughing...
  5. Spork

    HAM Radio License for FPV

    Hey folks, While reading up on FPV and building drones, I've come across several YT videos where the pilot mentioned getting a HAM radio license because he got into FPV racing. I think one of them was Mr. Steele, but I could be wrong. I also get a few blog articles when I google for it. I've...
  6. Spork

    Another New One

    Hey folks, I'm Mike from Texas. I'm 51, and have been into photography for a while and have always thought about getting into drones but never wanted to stick the crowbar into wallet - only to crash on my first flight. Anyway, I read someones blog that suggested get an inexpensive one to learn...