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    flight controller design simulator?

    Hello everyone. long story short, im trying to create my own flight controller for a project and testing has been a pain. im wondering, is there a simulation out there that i can give Arduino code and quad copter specification to see how the quad would generally behave? it would really be a...
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    Trouble with brush less motors and Power.

    I have been having a problem with my motors. when i try to turn them on, i can increase all quad motors to about 30% or so and some of the motors would turn off. im using arduino nano. this is the battery...
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    4 in 1 esc burned, does this solution work?

    long story short, my 4 in 1 esc burned the moment i plugged it in my 2s battery. im guessing that i connected it backwards the first time or something. either way, it seems that only the one part that seems to stop working is the ground and V that goes out for the controller. since im using...
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    Making my own controller, Yaw,Pitch and Roll angles.

    Hello everyone. im creating my own controller and quad-copter code and im using a mpu6050 Chip that Uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to give back The Yaw, Roll and pitch angles in degrees. my problem is Using these angles to set the appropriate motor speed for stable flight since each motor...
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    Controlling DC motor speeds with Arduino and giving equal power.

    So im switching to a smaller build and I tried to control the speed of a tiny DC motor that I happen to own. I used a transistor and it works but there is an issue. The motor speed is much weaker than connecting it directly to the battery. I have a 3.7v battery and if I connect the motor to a...
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    Quad Wont get off the Ground, Topples to The Side

    The quad topples to the same side before it takes off. Now im wondering, why is that? if I'm understanding this correctly, I just need to set all motors to the same power and get the CW and CWW spin correctly. Right now, it seems that all motors are same power but as I increase the power, it...
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    Propeller Size and Frame that Fits my Motors?

    I have EMAX RS2205 2600KV Brushless Motors and I'm wonder, what blade and Frame would fit these? I looked around for frames but most of the affordable ones says 1200kv motors. As for propellers, I have 10-inch propellers. Is that too large for this motor?
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    Power Distribution Board VS ESC?

    So im building my first quad and after looking around, I have seen some people suggesting that you need a Power distribution board to give each motor even amount of power. Im using a brushless motors and 4 ESCs. One Arduino for controller and one for the drone. Can someone help me out on how to...