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  1. ArchiFlyX

    DJI FPV Drone - how will it affect the droning community?

    With the new FPV drone imminent, my concern is... how will it affect the community? Here we have a completely built drone (not made up of different parts from different manufacturers), a completely closed system, and probably placed squarely between racing and cinematic drones. Which market...
  2. ArchiFlyX

    OcuSync 2.0 on Dji's FPV drone?

    Sharing this piece of gold about OcuSync technology. With the new DJI FPV system set for release, I wouldn't be surprised if it would come with OcuSync 2.0 connection. The Mini 2 had it, so why not this one? That means this baby would be ablle to fly up to 10km with images pretty much the same...