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    SD card to phone help

    I recently purchased the hubsan x4 h501s-s pro, but I assume this issue would be the same no matter the drone. I record images and videos on the micro SD card. I want to import them directly to my iPhone. I purchased the below lightening SD adapter. FA-STAR SD Card Reader, Digital Camera...
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    Looking for a first quadcopter. Under $200. Apparently all the ones I was considering I cannot buy bc the iPhone XR doesn’t support 5G WiFi. Any suggestions? Want decent pics/videos. Thanks!
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    First drone advice

    Looking to buy my first drone. Looking for something under $125-$200 max Just want a decent quality to learn to fly. Would like it to take good pics & videos. SJRC F11 Pro JJRC X7 Smart MJX Bugs B5W ZLRC Beast SG906 Or other suggestions? Is Banggood a good site for purchase?