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    Do you guys fly in wet weather

    Do I've been waiting to fly all week and the wind has been blowing steady in east Texas all week not to mention busy with work now the weekend is here and I have time but it's been rainy this morning it's not raining this moment but everything is wet does anybody fly in these conditions i could...
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    Telemetry lost!

    Ok so I just finished my first build (tadpole 3, hakrc aio FC, crossfire nano, Zeus nano vtx,zing1404 motors, rdq4s 650 mah ) on my maiden flight I flew about a baseball field away and around some trees I have crossfire keep in mind and my radio says telemetry lost I usually can fly around these...
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    Scrolling image on goggles any ideas

    I just my first build everything works great it flys great but I have a line that scrolls from top to bottom on my goggles I messed around with channels and bands on the vtx but I couldn't really get rid of it if I ever got it to be better the color saturation was jacked up.... Is this avtx...
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    No stick input in beta flight

    Ok so I'm my Rx and tx are bound I've checked the wires I'm stuck I can't figure out why I'm not getting sick input on my channel mixer on beta flight the 3d image moves when I move the quad but I can't get any of my channels to detect stick input please help
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    Should I update my beta flight firmware

    I have my first quad built and my tx/Rx paired and I'm about to start my beta flight setup my FC has beta 4.1.1 already should I flash the newest version of beta or leave it alone or what the firmware aspect of the hobby is still very new to me I was able to update my crsf micro tx with agent m...
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    Crossfire nano rx blinking red during binding

    Ok so I just did my first build but I can't get nano rx and micro tx to bind when I power up the Rx blinks slow green like it should then I press the yellow flashing light on the tx they both blink green and then the tx goes blue when I press the blue button to update the Rx starts blinking...
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    First build... Smoke stopper

    So I completed my first build it's a tadpole 3 with xing 1404 motors hakrc aio FC crossfire nano Zeus nano 350 mw vtx run cam Phenix 2 Gemfan hurricane 3015 Any who I forgot to order a smoke stopper stupid I'm so anxious to power it up but I don't wanna smoke any thing I can use any 2-4s...
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    2 inch prop stuck on shaft

    I've broken a prop and decided to change all of them cuz they are beat up and out of balance at best but the dang things are stuck I got the broke one off but I feel like I'm gonna break something with all my prying and rocking and suggestions I think it's a 1 mil shaft the props just push on...
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    1404 or 1204 for 3 inch tadpole

    So I have my 3 inch tadpole frame and the run cam Phenix 2 I'm about to order my flight board and motors but I'm on the fence with the motors I'm thinking 1204 5000kv rcinpower motors or some xing1404 but not sure about 4600 or 3800kv was wondering if the 1404 would be too much power for a small...
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    Can you build a quad with no laptop

    I've been researching for my first build and I was wandering how you would go about it without a laptop I have the speedy be app on my phone and I've used it a little too adjust rates and move turtle mode to a different switch on my radio but I'm not a huge computer guy...I was looking into a...
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    Need new antennas

    I have a cobra s V1 with stock antenna was hoping to get some input as to what antenna s I should purchase to upgrade I mostly fly whoops at the moment trying to do my first build soon. .. Both my quad have whip style antenna looking to get the best reception with my goggles
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    Trouble with tiny hawk 2 video reception

    I have a tiny hawk 2 and beta 85 pro V2. The tiny hawk has a more powerful vtx and I'm pretty sure I have it unlocked and full power but my beta 85 has an aio board with a built in 25mw vtx and it gets better picture reception hands down any one have an idea as to why this is and how I might...
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    First Google antenna upgrade

    I have a set of sky zone cobra goggles with stock antenna.... At the moment I'm only flying 2 inch whoop and looking into my first 2.5 or 3 inch build...I was looking for some antenna suggestions to upgrade my goggles there is a allot of brands and styles and rhcp and lhcp lollipop patch...
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    To build or buy

    I'm relatively new to the hobby and I've had bad luck and good luck .. Total newb mistake of thinking I could learn fpv on a5 inch nazgul I had a fly away and watched 300 dollar bill fly away to never be found since then I've purchased a tiny hawk 2 and beta 85 pro and learned the basics from...