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    NEWB Trouble with holding altitude (not altitude hold)

    Finished my build with an I Flight succex F7 mini FC 4 in 1 esc and 2306 2450KV motors running 3s 5" props on a carbon fiber Mark 4 frame using Beta Flight 4.2.9 and Dshot 600 and rpm filtering. It's my first quad... and I have a sim that I don't have issues with staying level at a slow cruise...
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    Having problems holding altitude

    I just built the PEON 230 3D printed frame using an iFlight Succex mini f7 and 4 in 1 esc and ReadyToSky MT2204 2300KV with 5045 props running 3s. It's my first build and first time flying (outside of 2 hort flights with a DJI Mavic). After snapping my frame in half on a tree and reprinting...