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  1. tlocus

    Build my own 1/5 scale buggy with these motors?

    Hi I got these motors from a tennis ball machine launcher. Wondering if they would be good for a rear wheel w/ motor per wheel drive. I already have a sabertooth 2×25Amp motor controller/ ESC and a spare Futaba receiver. Motor diameter is 3” and a length of 4” Here’s a pic and specs of the motors:
  2. tlocus

    Some Arduino Code/Sketches for various sensors, motors (from an old robot project)

    I have a bunch of documents, code, sketches and info on a lot of stuff on my google drive...check it out, download what u want :) t
  3. tlocus

    Quick Transmitter (telemetry) question

    Hello, I bought a Futaba 10J about a year ago. It's a nice receiver with quad modes. Someone local told me telemetry was ok but a Spectrum Transmitter has better telemetry. I didn't quite understand this. Any info/help about telemetry and transmitters? Here is product page of my transmitter...
  4. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Hello, Building a quad and had a few questions. Here is the quad: (and specs are in signature) The Flight Controller says plug into SB port of RC Receiver. I have an SB and SB2 port. I believe the SB2 port communicates both ways...can I plug into the SB2 port? Also, I have a small digital...
  5. tlocus

    Question about motor power and ESC power

    Had a question about power/power consumption. Lets say you have 4 motors on a quad that (each motor) is rated @ Mp (amps). To find a suitable (in my case) 4 in 1 ESC ...would you have to add the total amount of power of all 4 motors, as in (Mp+Mp+Mp+Mp) =Mtotalp and find an ESC that has a power...