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  1. tlocus

    Build my own 1/5 scale buggy with these motors?

    Hi I got these motors from a tennis ball machine launcher. Wondering if they would be good for a rear wheel w/ motor per wheel drive. I already have a sabertooth 2×25Amp motor controller/ ESC and a spare Futaba receiver. Motor diameter is 3” and a length of 4” Here’s a pic and specs of the motors:
  2. tlocus

    Some Arduino Code/Sketches for various sensors, motors (from an old robot project)

    I have a bunch of documents, code, sketches and info on a lot of stuff on my google drive...check it out, download what u want :) t
  3. tlocus

    Great deal for Sega Genesis Mini in Walmart

    Hey David remember picking up the atari flashback console they were selling I modded mine to accept real carts. Do you know if the Genny one is moddable?
  4. tlocus

    Is my drone hobby going to be a short lived one ?

    This is sad to hear, Atm, is this all/mostly aimed at drones? even for RC planes, helis? betaflight 'self destruct' / 'Li-Po 'Spontaneous Combustion' feature in future update :oops: Got me thinking about the highest flying kite lol : "According the the Guinness Book of World Records the...
  5. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    So Compass really not that important? I may try an autonomous mode. I got the GPS part working. The Compass SCL and SDA are attached to the UART3 (T3 and R3) on the F/C. Doesn't show up in betaflight (magnetometer). Might need to check settings in BF under 'Ports'/ 'UART3. Prob. going...
  6. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Wow thanks for all the good info :D I probably won't use the ping sensors. I made a wheelchair robot a few years back and had the ping sensor on the front and constantly turning (180deg) side to side with a servo to detect any obstacles, but like you said good for objects 1' to 10'... good for...
  7. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Just an update..almost ready to do some short lift offs landings. -I'm currently hooking up a GPS/Compass module, according to...
  8. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Yay, Hey thanks wafflejock, I managed to set channels 1-4 to min: 1000 mid: 1500 and max: 2000. I believe this did the trick. Futaba transmitters mid's are 1520... With options under 'Endpoints' and 'Sub-trim' able to get those mid values. One thing though, My ESC is Dshot1200 and can't seem to...
  9. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Well got the transmitter working with arm switch but doesn't seem right not sure if it's a mixing thing... Here's a video: Part 1: Part 2...
  10. tlocus

    Quick Transmitter (telemetry) question

    Hello, I bought a Futaba 10J about a year ago. It's a nice receiver with quad modes. Someone local told me telemetry was ok but a Spectrum Transmitter has better telemetry. I didn't quite understand this. Any info/help about telemetry and transmitters? Here is product page of my transmitter...
  11. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Thanks again :) Yup, I figured setting it around one of those yellow marks. Actually setting it around the other changes or reverses the arm of the switch(up to arm down to disable and vice versa). Motors are still only controlled via betaflight software (still no go on transmitter throttle)...
  12. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    thanks wafflejock, 0 throttle is 1110 and max is 1930 I'll check the arm option.. k, I set arm option to AUX 5 went to receiver to make sure it works. What range do I make it? I tried some ranges to where I get a red square says 'Arm disabled' and switching goes to grey 'Arm' t
  13. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Awesome got it to work with BlHeli32 :D many thanks for the help. Got most everything working in betaflight, my futaba transmitter shows input in the 'Receiver' tab in betaflight (When I move transmitter throttle stick it shows movement thresholds in betaflight Receiver tab). I can run motors...
  14. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Is it possible to change motor direction in the software/betaflight or other? ..or do I need to swap motor wires? t
  15. tlocus

    Setting up new quad build...few questions

    Hello, Building a quad and had a few questions. Here is the quad: (and specs are in signature) The Flight Controller says plug into SB port of RC Receiver. I have an SB and SB2 port. I believe the SB2 port communicates both ways...can I plug into the SB2 port? Also, I have a small digital...
  16. tlocus

    Question about motor power and ESC power

    Had a question about power/power consumption. Lets say you have 4 motors on a quad that (each motor) is rated @ Mp (amps). To find a suitable (in my case) 4 in 1 ESC ...would you have to add the total amount of power of all 4 motors, as in (Mp+Mp+Mp+Mp) =Mtotalp and find an ESC that has a power...