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    BIG Walls of FPV Videos

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    BIG Walls of FPV Videos

    I can't believe nobody else still hasn't seen the UFO on the Straw Bale map in Liftoff.
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    BIG Walls of FPV Videos

    Flaming boy pilots on my highly modified 2142 VTOL combat gunship server into smoking holes in the ground since 2008.... four years before Bardwell even knew what a prop nut was and Steele was still living in his parents basement clueless about what to do with his life/// Visit my latest BETA...
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    Well did you fly today post videos here
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    BIG Walls of FPV Videos

    You can find my Big Wall of Hardcore Aerobatic Sim Videos here (takes a half minute to load them): You can find my Long List of Cinematic FPV and Tech Videos here:
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    Apocalypse aerial surveillance ideas

    OMG the typos I made. Sorry, blind. Yep, climbing up on a roof is by far the easiest solution; however keep one thing in mind. Once you put on goggles, you're effectively blind. Like 100% blind and oblivious to your surrounds.. and possibly forgetful that you are on a roof, and maybe even...
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    HAM Radio License for FPV

    My advice is, "don't be a dick, and nobody will care:. Some obvious ways to be a dick.. but then , it's amazing how these kind of things are not obvious to people. Flying inside a city. Flying in the proximity of an airport where iriplanes are making take offs and landings. Flying low...
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    Apocalypse aerial surveillance ideas

    I have a friend who just climbs up on top of his flat roof and flies it around the city from there. Or you could use a deer stand. If you want to stay indoors, but have your antennas ont eh roof, get a coax cable that has the right connector ends on both ends and put it between yoru...
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    No use for a drone

    Yeah,t he whole delivering packages thing was kind of a pie in the sky fantasy. When you start flusing otu the idea from the perspective of starting a business delivering a package, you raalize, it's completely unfeasible. There would bneed to be an infrastructure of landing pads on...
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    Xiaomi Mi 4K, FIMI X8 SE or Dji Spark?

    Don't get any of those. Those are National Lampoon Family Trucksters... vacation tour buses of the sky. Do you really want to be a bus driver? Setup a simulator environment, and learn to fly first. I'm not joking :) People who want to drive, think well first I need a car... so they rush out...
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    Merry xmas

    Happy Holidays, from Choppergirl & The Gorn... I got an Echo Dot 4 can you tell?
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    Free Music / Sound Effects Resource for Your Videos - Over 2000 Tracks

    Is there a link to download them all in one big zip archive? Preferably organized into folders so you can browse them with Windows File explorer, or drop the whole lot of them into VLC to preview? I think listening to each one of them individually.. although a nice option, would get tedious...
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    Hello all! New to FPV and this forum. I do have questions, but first....

    Rotorbuilds might give you a general ideas: The best place to start is not with actual quad hardware imho, but with a sim and a controller. Learn to fly first, before you buy anything at all. In fact, learn to fly really, really good first. It can be done for...
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    5GHZ wifi drone but 2.41 GHz phone.

    You're SOL, however, you can borrow someone's iphone to see the video feed. Here's the worst news: these video links over wifi to your phone universally suck and have such incredibly bad latency and frame rates (5 per minute, if you can maintain the link at all?) , it's impossible to fly with...
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    Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack - English - For all Open-TX transmitters

    Said right after I sent him a link to this post and tell him this would be a project he should do to occupy some of his time.
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    Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack - English - For all Open-TX transmitters

    No bubble busted, I've done it myself, you can even play them as background music with "Play BgMusic" instead of "Play Track" I don't think the synchronous playing of a background sound track is entirely implemented at this time of this post though, as doing so prevents all other sounds from...
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    Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack - English - For all Open-TX transmitters

    Direct Download Link ⫸⫸↯ Download Dir (if the above does not work for you): Project Home Page: Read Me File: On Rotor...