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  1. wafflejock

    First drone advice

    Also to note many receivers (hobby grade stuff) use proprietary or at least not standard wifi for communicating control signals popular protocols are DSMX (for spektrum) or ACCESS is the new one from their big competitor FrSky I personally got a...
  2. wafflejock

    First drone advice

    Yah all good it could be that some quads are actually using cell network connections for the radio control, but there is a lot more latency in data getting delivered on those networks (needs to communicate with tower up to 8 miles away and tower services thousands of cell signals so it's not...
  3. wafflejock

    First drone advice

    Think there is some confusion in this thread the 5G cell network and radios are different from the 5GHz wifi for local connections. Easy to see why these would get mixed up but they are different things, 5G means 5th generation cell tech but doesn't use a 5GHz radio frequency (believe GSM and...
  4. wafflejock

    First drone advice

    Yeah I guess hard to answer my question without some experience first. I've heard others here say the srjc and the bugs ones were pretty good experiences but yah main thing I'd look for first is availability of replacement parts in particular the props and batteries since they typically go...
  5. wafflejock

    First drone advice

    Learn what exactly? Do you just want to learn about the aerial photography side or do you want to learn to fly for racing or do you want to fly acrobatic/freestyle? Do you want to learn about quadcopters or do you just want to take something out of the box and fly it until you crash it and...
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    Cheap escs, Cheap fcb compatibility question.

    Likely can't run BLHeli firmare or use the desktop software since the chips on those are probably the ones from Atmel that are typically lower clock rate and lower memory (also less power in general but not a big deal here). Can see more detailed explanation about it here...
  7. wafflejock

    Syma quadcopter X5UW replacement batteries

    I'd say original is better than knock off but what you get out of the box may have corners cut and can be improved upon by third parties. With the car analogy I'd agree get a windshield from the mfg or whatever if you expect warranty and standard performance on most parts but if you add a super...
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    Syma quadcopter X5UW replacement batteries

    Yah this is one of two things that will prevent you from even trying, take a pic of the current connector and battery you are using and can try to identify. The two things that matter in terms of trying this out and not damaging things are the same connector type and the same voltage, then...
  9. wafflejock

    Syma quadcopter X5UW replacement batteries

    More mAh is more capacity but doesn't mean greater flight efficiency or flight time at some point you hit diminishing returns, more mAh requires more weight and the added capacity doesn't increase thrust in a moment just how long a given thrust can be applied. Also you lose some stability and...
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    I ripped 27 packs today!

    Glad you're thinking of diving those some nice tight gaps and lots of smooth flying though was a fun watch!
  11. wafflejock

    How to calibrate Not the same exact model but similar model from same company there and very likely uses same transmitter receiver and flight controller so the...
  12. wafflejock

    Flynoceros Cerberus V3

    So this is basically RTF with modern components someone buying would just need TX and RX pair and batteries right? It sounds like a great deal I'll ask a few friends if they're interested (one guy just lost his 5" so might be interested, but he's busy with family this weekend)
  13. wafflejock

    Transmitter to control the RTF, toy quads?

    Just got a T16 a few weeks back and can't complain so much better than my dx6i really puts it to shame. This one looks great too just went with the T16 since I'd seen reviews of it had to buy from hobbywing though (first time buying there, good experience though), because was out of stock...
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    1). Agree probably can pair with any transmitter from same brand look like replacement one here...
  15. wafflejock

    Set max speeds for joystick positions?

    Yeah with a good transmitter and anything with betaflight you can configure all the stick input and flight characteristics more than you'd probably ever want. A Qx7 from frsky is popular or I went with a Jumper T16 (can connect with all sorts of receivers) for the transmitter and any betaflight...
  16. wafflejock

    Autonomous micro Quadcopter - Onboard Computing or not

    Just saw this but sounds pretty feasible to me the only down side with having ground station doing processing is extra latency and noise in the video signal. You may be able to train a neural network (or otherwise find/write an algorithm) to remove the static and then pass along the good data...
  17. wafflejock

    Opinion on Mavic Air

    Have just seen others post here about local airport or whatever causing issues with getting the quad to arm because of gps fencing in general I don't think this will be a problem if you're flying outside of any controlled/restricted airspace, but just something I've seen mentioned here by others...
  18. wafflejock

    Opinion on Mavic Air

    Yup there can always be things that slip past QC but in general DJI is known for pretty decent quality and good customer support (big community as well) think it's a pretty safe bet if you are into cinematic or aerial photography type flying. Only downsides I see with DJI are, 1 not good for...
  19. wafflejock

    Throttle blip makes me flip! (video)

    In betaflight can do them all at once with the master slider in the motors tab.
  20. wafflejock

    Throttle blip makes me flip! (video)

    With props off can calibrate ESCs by running throttle to 100% in motors tab with battery unplugged and then plug in battery you'll hear half the startup tone then reduce throttle to 0 and hear a second tone, then done.