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    Motors vibrating/wobbling, balancing issue ?

    I built my first drone, 450 size it does fly, but I've noticed the arms are going wobbly sometimes, and I am afraid that it can snap the arm (3D printed). Arms are not very very solid, you can slightly twist them with a hand, but I don't believe that's the build/print issue. I was thinking it...
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    What ESC and Motors to my project

    I promise that will be last of my newbie questions. So I have Kakute F4 AIO V2 Flight controller, and trying to chose good ESC and motors for it and to suit my project. With ESC's I think because I have AIO flight controller and there is power distribution there already, I have to go with 4...
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    Props, motors CW CCW confusion

    I am about to chose Motors and propellers to quad I am building. I've seen different approaches (I think), there is some DIY guides that e.g. have same 4 motors (no CCW or CW), and then they say they use 2xCW and 2xCCW propellers. While I was thinking it's about having CCW and CW motors...
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    Need advise, what goes with Holybro Kakute F4 and DSMX ?

    I decided I want to build my first drone ( not racing drone ). I am quiet good with electronics, software etc so that won't be problem. But currently I am trying to choose parts for my build, and I am overwhelmed. Because I want flight controller supported by ArduPilot firmware (...