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    Throttle control dont work

    I've just finished building my first FPV racing drone. And in betaflight it all seems to work just fine. But when i arm the quad IRL i can only give it more thrust but i can't slow down the motors from the radio. I have a Rediomaster tx16s transmitter and an Frsky EU LBT reciver. I hope you can...
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    Mobula 7 batt < full

    I am kinda new to this kind of drones, and i have a problem with my bind and fly mobula 7. The problem when i pluged in my battery (it was not the maiden flight) and put on my goggles the OSD did only show: batt < full and i could not arm. And the battery was not even full. i hope someone can...
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    Problems with vtx wiring

    I recently build a tyro99 fpv drone but i could not find the VTX cable anywhere in the box. So I bought a new vtx it is the TBS unify Pro 5,8Ghz race 2. But now i am unshure about the wiring, it is because my FC only have a vtx pin not a vtx video/ audio pin. I hope you Can help me
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    Motors won't spin up

    Hey there. Both motors and receiver work when i test them in betaflight. But when i unplug the drone from my pc and try to steer throttle with the transmitter, the motors don't spin.(I have followed a joshua bardwell betaflight setup guide but it still don't work) I hope that you guys can help...
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    Problems with Transmitter/ reciver

    i just finished building my first fpv drone. It is a tyro 99 and I have some problems with the transmitter. It is bound to the receiver but when i try to make the motors spin nothing happens. btw i have a flysky i6 transmitter and a fs-ia6b receiver i hope someone can help because i dont know...