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  1. Dugdog47

    Launching Model rockets from f450 drone!

    You must realize this is against federal law in the U.S. right?
  2. Dugdog47

    OUCH crash photos

    If you orders the tyro 79 you get a box of parts you have to assemble. You'll have to solder the motor wires onto the escs, not too difficult. After mine crashed I rebuilt it onto a 3" Martian frame. It is a very solid performing kwad, fast and handles more like a 5". Excellent value for the money.
  3. Dugdog47

    VTX smart audio won’t connect to Flight Controller

    Sometimes eachine is jenkie. I've many of there vtxs and sometimes they just don't work right. Maybe try a different 5258 and see.
  4. Dugdog47

    VTX smart audio won’t connect to Flight Controller

    The ports tab also has to have the uart clicked with the right setting
  5. Dugdog47

    VTX smart audio won’t connect to Flight Controller

    In the osd smart audio display it lets you choose between tbs and tramp. Make sure you're clicking the correct option.
  6. Dugdog47

    Hi everyone, Bram here! (From the Netherlands)

    Welcome. Feel free to post YouTube videos, we love those.
  7. Dugdog47

    Flying pipe idea

    Check out these monsters. 150 kv motors for industrial applications...
  8. Dugdog47

    New wizard 220x wont lift of the ground, i leaned the quad on all 4 sides testing the motors and the back right motor glitches and cuts out

    I bought a wizard 3 years ago and right out of the box one of the motors was bad. Soldered in a new motor and all was good. It's probably just a bad solder joint like holtneil said. Is it the original o.g. wizard with single escs? Or one of the newer ones with 4in1 escs?
  9. Dugdog47

    Flying pipe idea

    If you want to learn I say start small. You could build a cheap hobby grade quadcopter kit like the tyro 129 to learn how the motors, fcb and escs are programmed to work together. Add in a flysky transmitter and for about $200 you're getting real world experience. Flash the inav firmware and...
  10. Dugdog47

    Flying pipe idea

    It's definitely possible. I don't know where you could get the parts, flight control board or specs but this design used by Walgreens to fly in meds to hurricane ravaged Florida is intriguing:
  11. Dugdog47

    Flying pipe idea

    Figure out how much a 20'x2 1/2" diameter pipe filled with liquid will weigh. That's a good start. So let's say it's 200 pounds. That's getting into full size helicopter territory. The problem with flying liquids is weight.
  12. Dugdog47

    Looking for prebuilt longer range quad

    Depending on the range you'll have to get licensed by the feds.
  13. Dugdog47

    Flying pipe idea

    Yeah it's also possible to land a man on the moon but we don't do it because it's inefficient. Flying around with liquids is problematic.
  14. Dugdog47

    My impressions from 2020

    Looks like you had a good year. I did too actually was a wild ride but we came out ahead. Cheers bro!!
  15. Dugdog47

    Is my drone hobby going to be a short lived one ?

    So the million dollar question about these trackers that report telemetry info and location. What do they look like, how much do they cost, weigh etc. Does this technology even exist for 5 inch home built kwads? Are these rules just being made up by a bunch of government appointed hacks who...
  16. Dugdog47

    Cheapest kwad build yet

    On a side note, the stickers that came with the escs make it look like they took a prop strike lol:
  17. Dugdog47

    Build my own 1/5 scale buggy with these motors?

    I would try it.
  18. Dugdog47

    Cheapest kwad build yet

  19. Dugdog47

    Cheapest kwad build yet

    Well I spent Christmas eve putting this thing together. It's a rather odd frame design with the two shorter stand offs in the back actually screw into the stack screws lol. The integrated pdb is weird to me too. It's funny soldering wires directly to the frame. The fc and the escs work well...
  20. Dugdog47

    How Did DJI’s Digital FPV System Change the FPV Game?

    I think it's cool what dji is doing however it's not for people who like to tinker, customize/repair and upgrade their kwads.