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  1. Gramps

    Power FC & 1 motor starts

    I was one of the lucky ones that got a Tarantula X6 with the junk FC board in it. Got tired of it so I decided to make a Franken Spider, though it has more V262/666 parts than Tarantula parts. Didn't want to take a chance with another X6 FC so I ordered one for a Wltoys V262. Tonight I torn the...
  2. Gramps

    Eachine 250 Racer

    This was on a flash sale at Banggood for $129.99 so I grabbed one. It's not really BNF but PNF so I bought a Redcon reciever for it...
  3. Gramps


    After replacing the motors on several of my toy quads I'm thinking it's time to think about getting one with brushless motors. Was looking at the JJRC X1 but it seems to have yaw lag real bad or at least some of them do. Then I ran across the HMX-280...
  4. Gramps

    Battery Cycling

    I had been charging the batteries for my Blade Nano QX 3D with the Imax B6 Mini using a parallel board. The parallel board went bad so I replaced it. While waiting for it's replacement I have been charging with the stock charger. I started noticing my flights times were less, 1.5 min to 2 min...
  5. Gramps

    Devo 7e or 10?

    Currently I have RTF quads, Syma x5c-1, Blade Nano QX 3D, & Husban X4 H107L each with it's own TX and feel. I'm thinking life would be much easier if I could fly them all with one TX. Then when buying a new quad I could buy a BNF and save a few $ there too. Seems this can be accomplished using...
  6. Gramps

    Hubsan X4 H107L

    Just got a Hubsan X4 H107l after charginging the battery, calibrating the gyros I took it for a test flight. Was inside so wind wasn't an issue. It flew level on take off with very little stick needed to keep the heading. The only issue I have is the yaw drifts to the left. It will go to the...
  7. Gramps

    Lectron Pro 3.7v 180 mah 45C lipo 4Sale or Trade

    I have a pair of Lectron Pro 180 mAh 3.7v 45C lipo for sale. These are brand new in the original package. They are for the Blade Nano QX, Blade mCX, mSR and maybe others. They have the mCX connector. I bought these for my Blade Nano QX which I no longer have and I don't have anything else they...
  8. Gramps

    Parallel charging board

    I have a Imax B6 and a parallel charging board with mcx socket on one side and mCP x on the other. If I put one battery on each side one's 200 mah the other 150 mah charging rate set to .3A, 3.7v(S1). At he end of the charge cycle the batteries read 4.09v instead of the normal 4.2v. If I charge...
  9. Gramps

    Blade Nano QX & Qx 3D

    Both the one I have are RTF but I don't think the transmitters are the issues. The Nano QX 3D seems much more touchy to gimbil inputs than does the QX. I believe it's the quads themselves as you can bind the QX to the QX 3D transmitter and if flies the same. They are both fun to fly, okay in...
  10. Gramps

    Syma X5C-1 transmitter

    Because of the issue of my video camera not working I was sent a different transmitter to try. It appears to be the same transmitter and the video camera now works. The transmitter seems to be much more sensitive than the one that came with the x5c-1. The 1st one I used with the trims about...
  11. Gramps

    Syma X8C

    I have a Syma X5C-1 and have been looking at the X8C. My X5C 10" measuring the opposing arms, the specs say 30 cm which is 12.2" Blade tip to blade tip is 14.25". Would someone with a X8C measure the opposing are length and opposing length blade tip to blade tip? I'm trying to get a visual of...
  12. Gramps

    Think I need a bigger quad

    Just got my Syma X5C-1 Wed 11/11/15. Hover some in the house because of the weather. Yesterday I was able to hover some out in the front yard. Today was the 1st time I was able to get it out in the open. Now mind you I am nowhere near being able to fly around. But I did slowly hover it across...
  13. Gramps

    Flight Log for Quads

    I wanted to keep track of the flights & maintenance for my quad(s) wanted something simple and easy to use. Not a programed so I used a database app for Android called Memento Database available in Google Play Store. If you would like to use or check it out you can download Memento DB here...
  14. Gramps

    X5C-1 video problem

    The bad weather went north of us so I took the x5c-1 out front for s little close in night flying. Wanted to checkout the video not really expecting anything create because of ghd lighting. Instead when I pull the camera button down to start the video nothing happens, no beep, no flashing red...
  15. Gramps

    New Syma X5C-1

    The X5C-1 came today, charged the batteries but didn't get much flying in. Mother Nature was upset so she's been blowing all day 11+ MPH with 25 MPH gust. Did however took it out front and fired it up. Did fine with the 11 MPH wind but the gust would blow the little feller all over the place...
  16. Gramps

    Syma X5C-1 Leds

    On the Syma X5c-1 the green less or on the rear with the red on the front. Guess it really doesn't matter but I would think they should be switched. I suppose one could swap the lens. Maybe the Chinese use green for tail lights. ;-)