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    Will this work? Complete FPV not listed for my quad brand

    I have a hubson 502e which records video to a card, no WiFi FPV. I’m happy with the quality of video, that’s not the problem. My problem is, once the quad is up there I can’t tell which way it’s facing to know where the camera is pointing, so my video I end up with isn’t what I wanted to get...
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    Hubson 502e question about manual and calibration

    Guys, if you know anything about the Hubson 502e I have a question for you about compass calibration. To me, that means rotating the drone both times to set compass 1 and compass 2. I have no problem getting that done, and no problem locking into more than enough satellites. But the instructions...
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    Learning to fly

    Hey guys, I’ve made a few threads here since I got my first drone. Unfortunately I’m still using headless mode. Iam very confident flying in headless mode and because I enjoy this new hobby so much, I’m about to purchase my 6th quad. But here’s the catch, this one doesn’t have headless mode...
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    Sorry if this is already covered. FAA registration

    I’m trying to register my quad now and after filling out all the questions and serial #, I go to pay and it says $24.99 What? I have read that it’s $5 to register one. I quickly backed out of registering to come here to find out. Is it $5 or what? Thanks guys,
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    Question for the member that owns Holy Stone HS400

    I saw someone on another thread who said he has one of those and if you see this thread I have a question for you. I bought one and immediately hated it because it doesn’t land without crashing and flipping over, so I sent it back. Well, their complaint center sent me another one today that was...
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    Got a drone for Christmas. Flew away two days later!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My real name is Jay and I live in Melbourne, Florida. So my wife was handing me Christmas presents to open and I was surprised to see she bought me a drone. I didn’t even open it until the next day because I was unsure about how to...