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  1. wafflejock

    Please Help - can't get BetaFPV and TinyHawk2 working

    You didn't actually mention who you bought through so not sure who it is you're getting bad support from. Racedayquads has been good with customer service in my experience they replaced one of my buddies TH2 cause control link stopped working and we tried debugging with them. Really not worth...
  2. wafflejock

    Heavenly FPV shots

    Some very cool shots for sure. I'd say the only downside is actually the FAA and legislation around the hobby :D but I live in the US so doesn't necessarily effect everyone but usually what the US does other countries follow with regard to regulations. The money is a lot if a student or...
  3. wafflejock

    Binding issues...

    Yah hot is normal but make sure you have vtx antenna well secured without antenna on there and just sitting on bench with power going into it can cook itself (no antennae on there to help dissipate the energy as radio waves and just physically eat up some of the heat). When in flight it gets...
  4. wafflejock

    Binding issues...

    Yah generally if "RTF" or "BNF" (Bind 'n fly) then comes with receiver and FC is configured for whatever output the receiver is giving but no guarantees something didn't get flashed again or config got wiped somehow or just wasn't set by MFG best you can do is check it all yourself (especially...
  5. wafflejock

    Binding issues...

    If the binding procedure seems to work (as in now the receiver shows some different light pattern or color if the TX is on vs off) then you probably just have the wrong protocol selected in the Configuration tab in betaflight for the RX (should be on the left side about midway down options for...
  6. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    Bummer on velocidrone must have gotten rid of the demo option too, looks like fpv freerider still has free demo but really not as good in my experience compared with the others.
  7. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    Oh also all said let us know what you end up getting and how it works out always curious to get more opinions on these things.
  8. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    I think eachine is a good entry point like I said but also skyzone makes some sleeker looking goggles that are still very good for the price. I do believe digital is the future but DJI still has some more latency to the video than I'd like (especially given astronomical price), perhaps I just...
  9. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    You could use something like that along with your existing phone as the display and then something like this: Keep in mind I haven't used that actual product and can't tell you if it's any good or how it compares...
  10. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    Oh also regarding VTX and goggles, I think any goggles with diversity will be better than any without (in my personal experience) and having good antenna and good connection between your antenna and VTX and antenna and receiver the better off things will be. The higher power transmission is...
  11. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    Hiya, sounds like a pretty familiar experience for anyone who has taught themselves line of sight flying so congratulations :D There are a few flight test videos that go through some exercises you can do for learning to fly line of sight with more control. I would suggest you completely skip...
  12. wafflejock

    Consultant for hire?

    Yah gotta agree with LoneRC here, better off just buy some prebuilt that is ready to go off the shelf than send someone else pile of parts to figure out then ship back and hope things don't get damaged in shipping or lost. Ideally just watch enough Youtube builds with similar parts to get...
  13. wafflejock

    Question about motor power and ESC power

    Basically the motor rating is how much current can you put through the wire used to make coils/electromagnets in the motor above that current the motor will cook. The ESC has a max current it can supply before it cooks. The amount of amps actually delivered from the battery to the motors...
  14. wafflejock

    getting into fpv

    The wire and connector appear to match to me I know on some of these tiny antennae connectors you have to put a crazy amount of force onto them to get them to snap down, to help you might want to use needle nose pliers or other tool (small flathead for example) to push down on the back of the...
  15. wafflejock

    Hubsan zino

    In general if a thing is working I'd say don't update but if some features you need or really want then just good to check for change logs or known issues with various versions of the firmware if the manufacturer provides that level of detail anywhere (perhaps ask their support)
  16. wafflejock

    Best first multi-protocol transmitter and simulator?

    No problem glad to help! I think team black sheep is the company behind velocidrone, so might be able to get it from their site directly for liftoff I think can get that one through "steam store" if have that installed. Glad to hear on the radio have heard good things about that one too.
  17. wafflejock

    Running Live Linux USB on Windows 10 computer

    Recommend get on the IRC or whatever the most direct chat forum is for linux mint itself know there are lots of users someone can help you debug live most likely. Can look into: alsamixer, aplay/arecord (usually in alsa-utils package, apt install alsa-utils), pavucontrol for pulseaudio which...
  18. wafflejock

    Connecting two additional DC motors

    The FC can't itself act as a motor driver but it can output pwm signals to a separate motor driver. If driving DC motors an h bridge or h bridge breakout can help to control the direction and current or torque roughly speaking sent to a motor a L298N I think is the part number has two h bridges...
  19. wafflejock

    CC3d drivers

    If you mean uploading firmware it's possible but it could be drivers on the OS on your computer or could be you need to hold a boot button or short some pins when booting to get the chip on the FC into DFU or device firmware update mode.
  20. wafflejock

    Haven't been able to fly for a while so..

    Yup I've seen all these clips somewhere before :D really nice edit of a lot of video though makes me wish I kept more raw stuff usually it goes up to the YouTube and into the ether :). Nice to see progression though through the vid and going from industrial spot to nature, good stuff :thumbs_up: