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  1. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Well no matter that I unplugged or plugged into the Phantom (GPS, compass, gimbal, camera) the hard reset and firmware upgrade always failed. Is there a better way besides a hard reset and using the DJI assistant to upgrade? Also, would the fact that I only have 3 of the 4 motors plugged in...
  2. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    One last thing before I try to hard reset and re-upgrade, I am using a regular old cheap 3S 1800mAh LIPO instead of a Genuine DJI Intelligent Battery. Would this throw any errors or stop the phantom from upgrading?
  3. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Thanks for that firmware video, it gives me more things to investigate. Things that I realized from it: 1. After I upgraded the firmware I was greeted with a red flashing and beeping until I unplugged the battery. The video says that this means it failed to upgrade and requires a hard reset...
  4. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Noting on the first of the 2 videos you just posted, my phantom DOES make the beginning light sequence (Solid Red, green, yellow, red, green, yellow) for the 3 working motors and then NO lights after. Regarding the second video, I get no red lights even though both the gimbal and camera are...
  5. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    I previously tried it without the GPS or compass but that was before I repaired 2 of the ESCs. I will try it again but unfortunately I won't get my hands on it till Monday because I'm going out of town for the weekend. I read somewhere that with the newer Firmware the Phantom won't work without...
  6. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Hello, I'm guessing the phantom in that video is of a previous model because my phantom has no center LED indicator. There is simply a micro usb plug in that place. I assume the single center LED on that model is reflected to the leds emitting from the ESCs on the arms. Flipping the switches...
  7. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Thanks but no thanks. I don't think a hammer can help in this situation.
  8. Nick

    Need help Repairing Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Hello all, My Girlfriend's Dad's Friend's Phantom took a swim in the Gulf and didn't bring its floaties. After the salty abyss choked the life out of it, it was then given to my Girlfriend's Brother (who has a Phantom 3 standard) for "parts". To re-iterate this is a Phantom 2 Vision Plus. I...
  9. Nick

    Coding my flight stabilizer function

    Well to be honest I kinda gave up on using an Arduino because the coding was very hard and I simply didn't have the time. However I have basically all the code minus the PID algorithms that stabilize the quad. The code I have includes talking between the controller and quad with the RF modules...
  10. Nick

    Syma X8C

    Is this where I join the line? Do I need to take a number?
  11. Nick

    Hex to powerful? or not

    Have you tried adding a brick? Maybe 2 bricks? Just a suggestion :|
  12. Nick

    Where to save new code for APM 2.6 and APM code syntax?

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. This is all pure observation from looking at the code for like 5 mins (I'm at work at the moment). The ArduPilot code is very clean and unless you know exactly what you're doing I would use the provided UserCode.cpp and UserVariables.h and make sure to...
  13. Nick

    Programming Arducopter APM 2.5

    If you have extra room on your quad, by all means load it up with an Arduino. You could then easily make the ultrasonic senor trip the change for the flight mode. More Arduinos = More processing power. Good luck with programming the sensor and make sure to link a youtube video once you have it...
  14. Nick

    Programming Arducopter APM 2.5

    If the APM has extra pins to plug the sensors in I would just do all of the computing on the APM. Just take the output from the sensors and use that to add the adjustments needed to the roll pitch and yaw of the quad. If you have enough channels on your rx/tx, you should be able to assign the...
  15. Nick

    Programming Arducopter APM 2.5

    Yes, on the KK board the flight mode can be changed via the AUX port on it. Simply hook the signal wire for the AUX port to a digital pin on the Arduino. Then use the servo library to send the signal that changes the flight mode. Similarly, hook the signal wires from the roll, pitch, and yaw...
  16. Nick

    Who, Where and What?.....a bit about yourself.

    I'm gonna need a bigger battery to fly 4 hours away -_- If you're looking for someone to fly with in Alabama, just look for a small fire and a guy in a ball on the ground crying :) that will probably be me.
  17. Nick

    Programming Arducopter APM 2.5

    Sorry for joining the party late. What I plan to do is what George described above. I currently have a Turnigy 9x tx/rx connected to the KK2.5.1 flight controller and I plan to put an Arduino Nano in between the Rx and FCB. The Rx would get input from the Tx, send it to the Arduino where it adds...
  18. Nick

    2S 25C Zippy lipo battery X 2 (UK)

    The only battery I need is for my Transmitter and it needs a 3S.... sorry. Hope you can sell them though.
  19. Nick

    Which quadcopter do I buy?????

    Hello. Since you are experienced with quadcopters, I would strongly suggest building a hobby grade quad. I personally have a 450 quad using a flamewheel clone frame. I get 20+ minutes with my 5200mah Multistar battery. Here is a link to a 450 that is ready to fly ( provided you buy a battery...
  20. Nick

    Approximatly $250 build. Build Log and suggestions.

    I approve of your tank of a quad. Hope to be seeing more footage of it flying.