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    Transmitter issues.

    I have a DYS 250 folding drone and a Flysky FS-I6X transmitter. I did the binding to the receiver and drone. I ran through the LibrePilot setup for the drone, but when I attempted to set up the transmitter LibrePilot did not see the transmitter. It showed no activity no matter what I did. Is...
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    naze32 rev6?

    Okay so I gave up on the oem 3CCD fc that came with the quad. I bought a Naze32 Rev6 and im trying to figure out why when i plug it into the computer it is not seen to flash or update. Ive tried different cables and ports with no success. Any ideas? the computer doesnt see the fc. it makes a...
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    Transmitter/receiver trouble

    Okay so I'm new both here and to quads. I've got a DYS 250 and I've tried both Flysky FS-TH9X and a FS-I6X transmitters and whenever I attempt to use the LibrePilot GCS to set the quad up I get the message "No Actuvity" in Receiver Activity. I've tried different receivers and obviously I've...