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  1. Skybird

    Phantom 2 V3 Vision + steady single yellow blinking light.

    Just got this used P2 V3 V+ that may have been in some kind of crash I don't have much background on it, it has some small visible damage but the gimbal is intact and for the most part it looks like it may have been a minor crash, it came with the updated controller that charges, I've done IMU...
  2. Skybird

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Camera on Phantom Standard 3?

    Anyone with Phantom experience know if it's possible to have a Phantom 2 Vision + Camera on a Standard 3? I'm asking because the Vision +cameras cost less for a replacement for a Phantom, but my guess is it can't be done because the gimbles are different? Also ever heard of a Phantom 3 Standard...
  3. Skybird

    WLTOYS V686 Not able to fly, just slumps forward

    Hello I finally today soldered back the battery leads on my 686, only to find that it won't fly, it calibrates with no problem the props are on correctly the motors work fine it just won't fly, as soon as I hit the throttle it slumps over forward, any clue what might be wrong? Thanks for any help.
  4. Skybird

    Just listed on Ebay Hubsan X4 107D Bundle Including Modded Transmitter and FVP Goggles + Bonus X4

    After 20 years selling on Ebay i'm done I just can't deal with their treatment of sellers, anyhow it's still available so if anyone is interested I think it's still on the ebay link just not active let me know, I will accept all reasonable offers. Thanks I just listed my whole Hubsan 107 D...
  5. Skybird

    I'm back after a long hiatus and I need help figuring something out

    So after all those posts I made back in the day when I was a quadcopter virgin newbie, I have now been through A Syma X8G that Tenergy gave to me to do a review for if anyone wants to see it I'll send you think link on my Youtube i'ts pretty funny. , 2 Hubsans X4s one with FPV and goggles, not...
  6. Skybird

    DBpower Selfie Drone I.E. Dracon Ninja

    Just got one of these selfie FPV drones, has proprietary LION battery and so far I haven't been able source spare parts, this model is relatively new so might have to wait a little unless someone knows something about these? Thanks
  7. Skybird

    Is there any idea how many are planning on complying with the new Registration Rule?

    I know the AMA told it's what is it like 20k members to hold off on registration, but is there any idea how many out there will comply? I myself don't own anything that's 250g or more, yet lol.
  8. Skybird

    Review of : Syma X8G Headless 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Quadcopter with 5MP HD Camera

    When we first laid eyes on the X8G, our first thought was the design reminded us of a DJI Phantom. It seems like Syma is going in that direction as far as arial photography is concerned. Unlike the previous Syma series X5 and X8 with 720p cameras and non exchangeable mounts. This is a first of...
  9. Skybird

    Review of Hubsan FPV X4 Plus H107D+ w/ 720P Camera RTF & Altitude Hold

    First off, this is a newer updated model of the Hubsan X4 107D FPV like the X4 107C+ minus FPV pretty much similar, the instructions are well written in English and easy to understand. The first thing you notice is that the design is different, there are no more break off legs that you have to...
  10. Skybird

    $34.00 USD Buyer pays shipping Off Site Hubsan 107D FPV Remote 5.8 GHz transmitter for quadcopter

    On Ebay now. This is a extra new one I just bought one with a transmitter so don't need this one, brand new seal still on monitor, tested and working. current bid. $34 or Buy it now $44.20
  11. Skybird

    Newb Very Concerned About Where Things Are Going With This Hobby.

    Hello everyone I am very new to the quad world and have yet to purchase my first bird, take a look at post on RTF if you got some ideas of what to recommend. I recently learned that soon if the FAA gets its way, drones including quads will have to be registered, I know there have been incidents...
  12. Skybird

    Newb Looking for advice on affordable micro/mini RTF

    I can't believe I have gone this long without getting into this really cool past time. A little about me, I have a 3 and half year old son, and I would like for him to enjoy this as well, I have never been involved in flying RCs. it's always been cost prohibitive for me. So now here we are in...