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  1. Dugdog47

    Help! What BNF drone to buy for X-Lite Pro

    Eachine E010S 65mm From only $39.99 right now flash sale.
  2. Dugdog47

    Build Finished- But will it fly?

    Looks like a good build! It'll probably fly fine looks like fun:D If not try some 9 inch props.
  3. Dugdog47

    1s brushed smile maker

    I recently rebuilt my tiny brushed beast lol qx90 one of the first kwads I bought. They are great fun and cheap enough to break occasionally. Fun to rebuild too.
  4. Dugdog47

    Making an FPV drone

    Don't buy that taranis radio. For about the same money you can get the radiomaster t16 or t18 that can do everything the taranis does plus about 100 other things.
  5. Dugdog47

    Making an FPV drone

    You need: 1. Motors. Emax eco 2400 kv 2. Flight control board. Omnibus f4 3. Escs. Racerstar 30 amp single escs. 4. Power distribution board. Matex pdb xt60 5. Transmitter. Jumper t16 or radio master t18 6. Reciever. Frsky xm+ 7. Propellers. Ethix s4 props 8. Battery. RDQ 1300 mah 4s That is...
  6. Dugdog47

    I just bought ARRIS EV800 FPV Goggles for my Potensic D58

    When I hit lottery I'm buying the dji digital fpv system.
  7. Dugdog47

    This one felt good

    Very cool! Do you fly at sunrise or sunset? Kinda hard to tell. Either way it's the golden hour.
  8. Dugdog47

    HELP - T-Motor F4 and Spektrum

    Just curious what tx are you using?
  9. Dugdog47

    VIFLY ShortSaver - New Generation Smoke Stopper

    Only pussies use smoke stoppers
  10. Dugdog47

    Slim 30a ESC

    Mounting the escs inside a tube sounds like a terrible idea as the air flowing over them keeps them cool.
  11. Dugdog47

    T16 and 200qx

    Make sure you're not in 3d mode. 3d mode is full throttle with the left stick down, zero throttle with left stick centered just like a 3d helicopter.
  12. Dugdog47

    Help of if it real work?

    You only need one controller between the i6s and the i6x. The i6x is the better choice for the same money.
  13. Dugdog47

    Help of if it real work?

    If you're going to buy a flysky get the i6x, it's the very best in the $50 range:
  14. Dugdog47

    Good news for x6b (flysky reciever)

    It's working fine lol direct soldering reciever antennas is on the table. Flysky gets a bum rap but the fact that make their $9 reciever easily repaired is cool!
  15. Dugdog47

    Good news for x6b (flysky reciever)

    Sounds good guys thanx.
  16. Dugdog47

    Good news for x6b (flysky reciever)

    Damaged the antenna plug on reciever, buzzkill???: Apparently there are solder pads on the back to direct solder antenna: Question: can you just strip off some wire and direct solder an antenna? I'm going to do it anyway and just wondering what results I might expect? Good idea or don't...
  17. Dugdog47

    2 disciplines combined

    I think Tareeq is considered the best 3d pilot in the world? Could you imagine him messing with people pretending it's the first time he flew rc helis, acting like it's out of control lol?
  18. Dugdog47

    2 disciplines combined

    CP=collective pitch. It allows you control of the pitch on the propellers, you can even set it up to have negative pitch allowing you to fly upside down, do tick tocks, inverted funnels and many crazy stunts lol. Go to you tube and check out 3d helicopters. It's insane!
  19. Dugdog47

    My 2nd Apex build but on Kiss this time

    Tight flying bro very cool that kiss setup looks like it flies nice. Does it fly good on a default tune or is pids critical? Either way killer rip Eric!!!
  20. Dugdog47

    2 disciplines combined

    They mage it cp I'll take one!