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  1. heath

    Heath's Scratch Built Quad

    Hopefully first in a series of videos chronicling my build. This is making the "AnyCopter" hub from the FliteTest template.
  2. heath

    Whitespy (Ready To Fly Quads) warning

    I just wanted to provide a warning to anyone considering ordering from Ready To Fly Quads. I placed a small order for the Flip 1.5 flight controller, 4 ESCs, 4 motors, and and wire harnesses. The package was delivered in less than 1 calendar week, but it was missing the motors. The packing...
  3. heath

    Heath's quad build

    I'm planning my first scratch (kit?) built quadcopter. I'm looking at the ElectroHub kits from Flite Test and RTFQuads. This is my first "real" RC craft (other than cheap toys that came with their own controller) so I fear I'm overlooking some little things that most of the experts sort of...
  4. heath

    Hello from a newb - my life story

    I didn't see an "Introduction" section, so I guess I'll use this one. I'm Heath and I'm new to quadcopters. Actually, I'm pretty new to the whole RC scene (except for a few cheap RC cars I had as a kid). I've always been interested in aviation. When I was a kid, I wanted an RC airplane so...