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  1. Mike H.

    prop balancing issue.

    So, i bought one of those china specials of a prop balancer...the fancy carbon sides and anodized nuts....I bought it to balance the props on my X8C but im having major issues with something i cant figure out. I watch a youtube video of a guy using the same balancer to balance his own x8c...
  2. Mike H.

    XK making some promising moves

    Ive been reading up alot on XK models and it seems the XK detect 380 is proving itself to quite a worthy and reliable quad...The XK350 stunt model doing its 3d flying thing and now 2 new releases from XK thats sure to tempt the interest of some. They sell toy (XK250) and hobby grade models and...
  3. Mike H.

    SYMA X8C Modifications thread.

    I ordered this model early this morning...Its power capabilities and size seem like a great start to get me into FPV and work on some video taking skills..I love my smaller quads but this one will have its own place for me. As with most all models, ive checked out the videos and threads all...
  4. Mike H.

    Syma X8C ordered.

    Was time to pull the trigger on the x8c so i did so not 2 minutes before this typing. As with most any model i end up with ill do an X8 thread to show my personal findings and possible upgrades with the model. The X8C will also be the base for my entry into the FPV world.
  5. Mike H.

    Syma X1-R build

    So here is my start on the X1-R project....First i want to talk about the X1 in general. The X1 from SYMA is much like the X5C now from was the most popular along side of WL Toys models and a household name in toy quads...You could find videos of people attaching 808 cameras back when...
  6. Mike H.

    Syma X8C (white) on the list next.

    The Syma X8C is close to being ordered..Ive been on a spending spree if some couldnt tell..hahaha....Considering they were around $109.00 not long ago and can now be had for $85.00 shipped from the USA ,i may as well consider one. Ive seen alot of the stock 2mp camera videos and to me the...
  7. Mike H.

    Syma X5C-1 Modifications thread

    Ive always wanted an x5c-1 and, now it has become a reality for me...For several months ive pretty much read everything about the X5 with all its upgrades and possible mods.. Some ive found appealing and some not so much. The goal, will be to squeeze out as much performance as possible from the...
  8. Mike H.

    Nihui U807 modifications thread.

    Well, here we go with some modifications for the quad...Ive been looking it over quite thoroughly and deciding what all i plan to do to the quad..This thread will be more of an "as i go along" type thing so i will be constantly updating and sharing my findings that i find beneficial to the quad...
  9. Mike H.

    New Mini Hybrid build.

    Ive been ordering ALOT of items lately for numerous quad projects and, thought id share this one..Still waiting for the parts but, heres the plan. Walkera LadyBird main frame Walkera LadyBird canopy 3x3mm carbon booms Udi U816 motor holders Hubsan 7mm hollow cup motors Bayang X9 Flight control...
  10. Mike H.

    Old School Syma X1 build.

    I just picked up 2 new syma X1 models ( semi complete with no electronics) to do a nostalgic build...One with the "Space craft" body and one with the "UFO" body..I also managed to find new original Syma X1 FC's and X1 motors to add to it...The only thing sold out was the original transmitter but...
  11. Mike H.

    Syma to release new models

    It seems syma is coming out with some new models for 2016. From what i can tell the big new feature here is with an "Altitude hold" function...Im not sure if you can choose altitude or if its pre programmed..Ill be checking out reviews for sure..Hopefully syma doesnt pull another fast one and...
  12. Mike H.

    Nihui U807 on the way.

    Just pulled the trigger on this from the banggood USA warehouse using a coupon code for $36 and change shipped...No 30 day wait and delivered within a maximum of 7 days. Reviews of this quad are very good to say the least and im looking forward to experiencing the fun..One thing im looking...
  13. Mike H.

    What are the best toy RTF quads?

    Ill keep this post fairly short and to the point..There are ALOT of choices out there to get into toy quads...You might find one quad you like the body style of...maybe you just like the colors or the cool lights some of them have...This all good but, unfortunately it doesn't necessarily reflect...
  14. Mike H.

    Wanted: your junk toy quads.

    Im looking for your toy quads that may have broken down on you that you have no more use for or even fully operational quads you just dont use anymore and may want to get rid of ...Let me know what you might have...Thanks...Paypal ready.
  15. Mike H.

    SYMA X5C-1 coming soon.

    I filed my income tax today and will be using some of the return for a new quad...I cant think of a better one to get than the X5C-1 ..The rest of the money is going to some car audio upgrades..haha. I plan to do a full review and a full modification thread..Im not one to leave well enough...
  16. Mike H.

    Anyone vape?

    Just a topic which has improved my health 2 fold. Ive had and tried just about everything there is and have settle on one particular set up..Simple and cheap. Two Eleaf 100w mods with either a dripper or one of 2 tanks attached...A Billow V1 or an Orchid V6...Using dual 26g kanthal at .5 ohms...
  17. Mike H.

    Bayang X9 Quick Review.

    I finally received my X9 via Gearbest today..One odd thing is i had to sign for the package..Ive not had to do that before with other companies...Anyways ill dig into it a bit and give my first impression as the batteries charge. 1.) This quad is super light with bare bones assembly, leaving...
  18. Mike H.

    Building Hybrids for fun.

    Man, ill tell you...todays toy quads are getting better and better with technology and i dont see a better time than now to dive into this hybrid building fun. So what exactly is a hybrid quad copter? My definition is, A quad copter consisting of parts put together from different models to...
  19. Mike H.

    Official "Toy" Hybrid thread.

    Thought i would start a thread for members to showcase there custom toy hybrid builds as todays "toy" quads sure offer alot more than yesterday and, some very nice quads can be built mixing and matching parts from different models. So ,if you have them, show them off here and, let the world see...
  20. Mike H.

    JJRC 1000A

    Santa brought me another present today..i must have been a good boy..Yea righto_O So my lovely little JJRC 1000A and Tarantula X6 radio showed up fromDealsMachine..Apparently when i ordered they determined my being in the USA and the packages were shipped via a USA warehouse as the first...