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  1. HiDesertHal

    Still No Fly After 3 Months...

    Hello, I've had my Hubsan H501S for 3 months today, and still haven't tried it out, even though I've had nice High Desert weather with several windless days at my 1 square mile of obstruction-free vacant land. Since I've begun construction of the benchwork for my 126-foot O-scale 2-rail Model...
  2. HiDesertHal

    Bigger TX Battery For Hubsan H501S

    I exchanged my Hubsan H501S TX 1300 Mah battery for a 2000 Mah battery. I Velcro'd it to the TX case. This should allow more flights before charging the TX battery. Hal
  3. HiDesertHal

    Headless Mode (decapitated flying)

    Hello, Do most of you use the headless mode, or do you prefer to keep your quad oriented to the same heading as when launched? Thanks, Hal
  4. HiDesertHal

    OK, OK...You Win!

    Hey guys... Awhile back I showed a picture of my quad with "Hot Pink" tape identifying the forward arms. I was teased for this choice of color, so rather than being embarrassed by flying a "Gay Drone", I replaced the tape with a bright lime green. I hope this restores my Masculinity! HiDesertHal
  5. HiDesertHal

    Will my TX battery support 40 minutes of flight time?

    Several pilots of the Hubsan H501S have reported flight times of 20 minutes and more on YouTube and on Amazon reviews from the stock 2700 mAh lipo battery. I'm ordering another flight battery to give me a total of 40 minutes or more in the field. Will the stock 1300 mAh lipo in the TX support...
  6. HiDesertHal

    Am I Missing Something?

    There are several Quadders who talk about "Building" or "Rebuilding" their quads. Doe this mean that off-the-shelf birds are not good enough? Hal
  7. HiDesertHal


    So I ordered another Steam Locomotive! I'll now have 2 Quadcopters, 3 steam Locomotives, and 1 Diesel Locomotive, plus others on display. (Railroad and Slot Car layouts also pictured.) More toys for the Old Man! Hal
  8. HiDesertHal

    Transferring Email Pictures To Computer Files

    Hello, I recently received an email from my daughter with a beautiful picture of her. I would like to save it to my Computer Image Files. I deleted the email from my Computer, but I made a printout before deleting it. I've had a PC for over 20 years, but I don't know how to do that. Thanks...
  9. HiDesertHal

    New Movies For Your Collection

    My latest additions to my large movie collection are "Darkest Hour"(2018) and "Thunder Road"(1958). Thunder Road was an action drama about the Moonshiners and the Revenuers, starring Robert Mitchum as the driver who ran the whiskey over treacherous roads, evading the Feds in his souped-up Ford...
  10. HiDesertHal

    Charging 7.4v LiPo from Car's 12v system

    Is there a ready-made charger for this? Cigarette lighter plug to JST Connector? Hal
  11. HiDesertHal

    Identifying Front End Of Quad

    I used 2" Duck Tape in a Standout Color. Note slots cut for arm vents. Hal
  12. HiDesertHal

    Battery Connector Types?

    What type of connector is used on the 1300MAH Li-Po TX battery of my Hubsan H501S? (See pic.) I want to order a 2000-2500 MAH Li-Po to velcro to the back of the TX for longer times between charges. I'm not sure if it's a Deans connector, so what type do I need to connect to the TX? Thanks...
  13. HiDesertHal


    Enjoy your C. B. & C. and have a stein of Green Beer! Hal
  14. HiDesertHal

    Attaching A Higher Capacity LiPo To Your TX?

    Hungry Dan attached a higher capacity LiPo battery to the back of his Hubsan H501S transmitter with Velcro. Good idea? Hal
  15. HiDesertHal

    An Old Man's Toys

    These are some of the the toys I like to play with. All are functional except the P-51 Mustang model. I'm also into model railroading, astronomy, playing piano, and target shooting with my wife. (And occasionally Ballroom Dancing!) One must be active in his older years! Hal, age 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 3
  16. HiDesertHal

    Military Service

    What branch of the Military were you in? I was in the US Army from 1960 to 1962. After getting my Engineering degree in 1960, I volunteered for the Draft, which would allow me to serve for only 2 years instead of 3 if I had enlisted. Because of my age (24), I was made Platoon Leader in my...
  17. HiDesertHal

    Had New Quad For 15 Days, But.....

    ....haven't been able to fly due to windy conditions every day. When it becomes calm, then I'll take it to that big field off Sitting Bull Road and launch it in GPS mode. (View of 10,000-foot Mount Baldy from our neighborhood at summit of Sitting Bull Road.) HiDesertHal
  18. HiDesertHal

    Contrasting Forward Props

    I was advised to install lighter-colored props to the 2 forward motors on my Hubsan H501S X4 to help identify which is forward in flight. Should I spray-paint the props with Rustoleum Fluorescent Orange or just order a set of Gold props from Amazon? What about painting the forward booms...
  19. HiDesertHal

    Let's Try Food & Drink now!

    What do you all like to eat and drink when you go to a Restaurant? If we go to an Italian restaurant, I'll order Ravioli or Lasagna. At a Mexican restaurant, I'll order an Enchilada dinner. At a Steak House, I'll order a Seafood dish or Country Fried Steak, or a rack of Baby Back BBQ Ribs...
  20. HiDesertHal

    I Almost Forgot!

    This is the replica of the Mustang motor scooter that was produced between 1947 and 1965. I remember them from my high school days in the early 1950's. The guys liked the Mustang over the other scooters because it was a hot little number with 12" wheels, a 9.5 HP engine and 4-speeds. I...