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    Guys Ian thinking of building a quad that can be controlled via Wi-Fi ....and I have no idea of the Wi-Fi modules required can any one suggest the required flight controller and receiver that could be controlled through Android devices plzzzz help me
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    Selecting right battery for quad 450

    Guys new to this hobby . I have built my quad 450 with 30a esc and 1400:/ motors can any one suggest the right battery to be used
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    Choosing the right battery for quadcopter

    Guys I am new to this hobby can any one guide me. To select the lipo battery. For my quad 450 I have used 1400kv motors with 30amp esc ..I have used kkb
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    Dis arming problem

    Guys I am totally new to this hobby plzzzz help me when I increase.the throttle the quad will automatically diarms ...due to this problem the quad is not taking off I am using kk 2.5 plz help me I have checked every connection and calibration everything seems to be right plzzzz help me guys