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    Who do I need to pay off...

    to get a change of user name to SNSTRlefty?
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    Flying the Everglades

    Well, not really, but had I thrown some toy alligators around the yard, it would have been. This 3" started out as a 2" BabyhawkR and now the only thing left of it is the motors. Now I can say that I have successfully flown over water.
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    @#$%@&* Winter!

    Here in S. Ohio we just endured double digit freezing temps, snow, rain and just about every way that prevented me from flying. Yesterday was a heat wave at in the 40s and I was determined to fly. This is the two videos of the first flights of my Boss 720 brushed kwad The above is with stock...
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    Android FPV

    I just figured out a good method of flying in crap weather, at work (on lunch), in the hospital, etc (Not me btw, it her) I have a Galaxy 6s, an OTG cable and a FRSky wireless usb dongle. Plug the dongle into the cable, then the cable into the phone, fire up they tx and Freerider on the phone...
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    ADMINS! Why oh Why???

    Did something add links throughout my posting?
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    Doing the Mamba

    After three months and 10 days of hard abuse, the ESC board on my BabyhawkR brain gave out. Not a bad run considering it was my first brushed and I put it through the ringer. I ordered the Diatone Mamba Power Tower and poured into getting it ready to go. I was only planning to tin the pads and...
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    The Gecko in Black

    Enters with a Johnny Cash song in the background. Frame: Armattan Gecko 3" Stack: DYS Mini stack set Mini F4 with F18A 4-in-1 esc Motors: Rotor Riot Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140kv VTX: RDQ Mach 2 with IFlight pagoda Camera: Foxeer Arrow Pro 2.1mm Props: HQ T3x3x3 PC DP Durable Prop
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    Where do I stick it?

    Ok, round two in the ratkwad build. New stack, new motors, success with the first powering of the esc board. So I am on to the next steps, rx, tx and camera. Camera: Foxeer Arrow Pro requires 7v+. Can I solder the positive wire to a V+ pad on the sides? Smart Audio: where do I connect...
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    Murphy Strikes Back

    My first build. Got everything wired up, plugged in a smoke stopper and then the battery… All powered up, nothing went poof. Plugged in straight to the battery, rear motors smoked. Unplugged, found the bolts I used were too long and arced the coils, switched them out and plugged in again…
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    Schools Out For Turkey

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    The Point of it All

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    Feeling accomplished.

    So a few weeks ago I managed to break my Firefly in the most unusual of ways. I hit something that drove the micro USB plug off the board so I lost the ability to charge the battery or access the videos from the sd card without removing it. I went to Banggood and was planning to pick up a new...
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    I tried my first inverted yaw, got disoriented, tried to flip upright and didn’t quite make it. Heard it hit and cringed knowing something had to have broke. Then I saw this. I crashed in the soggiest part of our yard and also into one of the many mole tunnels throughout the yard...
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    A Whoop Before Time

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    A Shout Out for a Pilot In Need

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    Brain Transplant and the Spirit of MacGyver

    Got my iFlight iX2 Lite V3 2.5 inch frame in the mail yesterday and I performed a brain transplant from my BabyhawkR. The biggest issue I had is that the stack just fits, so no room to put the battery strap through the frame, so I had to call on the spirit of MacGyver to find a solution.
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    A Steal of a Deal!

    I lucked out with this deal that popped up on payday on an FB group I am in for $47, FRsky Beecore V2 F3 FC, 700vtl camera, Racestar 615 6x15mm 67K rpm motors, 7-260mAh batteries, Extra props
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    Ball Park Flight and PITO

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    You know your addicted to #FPVLife when...

    You want to fly a local park on your way home after work, your car is broke down and your commuting by bicycle…enter the storm proof pannier... Everything fits perfectly. Now I have to hope it stops raining. (didn’t check my weather rock before getting everything ready)