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  1. mark117h

    EACHINE E511 Controller Antenna Modification

    Hi guys cheers for watching thread and the input, however at the moment I am having to wait awhile due to my collie thinking it's great to swallow a 3" stone, so I've had to pay for his life saving op at the PDSA. As a quick update the mod did seem to have worked and made the quality a little...
  2. mark117h

    EACHINE E511 Controller Antenna Modification

    Well, for anyone interested in whether this may work or not with the EACHINE E511 I am nearing the end of the project, I will add a few more image's when I get a chance so that anyone with a E511 then they'll have an idea about if it's possible to get this done.
  3. mark117h

    EACHINE E511 Controller Antenna Modification

    Hi guys. This is my first real post really other than my last one to say Hi. I am currently thinking of trying out an Antenna Modification from the spare parts that I have got lying around my home, what I was thinking is does anybody have any extra input on whether this could be a good or bad...
  4. mark117h

    Hello All

    Hi everyone on the forum. 1st post and introduction, my name is Mark and I love astronomy, photography, gaming (P.C.), reading, various bits of coding as well as let's not forget, Drones, I think they are brilliant devices and ultimately I will be building a drone for myself. I like all...