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  1. BudManLXXIX


    Ok I will be first to admit I'm still really new at all this quad piloting stuff. But back when I build my first quad I was looking around for transmitter for a low cost. I settled on the FS-I6X. Now I understand it does have two way communication. And I've seen people using the new beta-flight...
  2. BudManLXXIX

    Need some advice on antennas and their placement

    I have this Bug 3 that I would Like to Increase the range a bit. To give me better odds to not losing another bug to the woods. I live in a wooded area and only have 1/4 size of a football field to play in. Low to the ground. So I'm usually fling over the trees. And the worst problem I've had...
  3. BudManLXXIX

    Need help with My first Build

    Guys I really need your help. I just want a drone like the bug 3. I'm not into FPV, it makes me dizzy and I'm not into areal photography. All the information I can find on building DIY drones seems to focus on these two categories. I just like flying around at moderately descent speeds, above...
  4. BudManLXXIX

    First build finally completed completed only only to brake on my first flight

    Hi all, hope everyone is having a lovely day. Some might remember me from a month back when I was asking questions about building my first drone in the first drone thread. After lots of research and nearly banging my head against the computer more than one time I finally got everything working...
  5. BudManLXXIX

    Need help with choosing parts for first build

    First let me start by introducing myself. I'm Chris but you can call me BudMan of just Bud if you like. And I'm tring to build me my first DIY quad, because there just don't seem to be a ready to fly speedster I can zip though the skies and wow my neighbors that has all those safety net features...